Cloud Storage

Why ProShark Cloud Storage and ProDrive?

ProDrive is the leading full service cloud storage including backup, sync, and sharing solution for all your platforms,
Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

ProShark Cloud Storage BackupBackup – You can backup any folder from your device to ElephantDrive. No need to move around folders – Backup from right where they are! ProDrive will also create a “Backup” folder on each device you install ProDrive on. We copy any files or folders you put inside the “Backup” folder to our secure cloud servers.

ProShark Cloud Storage SyncSync – Take your backups one step further! ProDrive creates a special folder called Everywhere on each device that runs the software. First, we copy files or folders you put inside the Everywhere folder to our secure cloud servers. Second, we replicat these files and folders to any other device that is connected to your ProDrive account. By saving a file in the Everywhere folder, you automatically save it on all your devices!

ProShark Cloud Storage Native IntegrationNative Integration with NAS. Back up data directly from your NAS to the ProDrive cloud. ProDrive is natively integrated with all major NAS devices (Netgear ReadyNAS, QNAP, Drobo, Western Digital, Synology, D-Link, Seagate, & Thecus).

ProShark Cloud Storage Safe and SecureSafe and secure! We encrypt your data with AES-256 bit encryption before it even leaves your device. Additionally, we transfer the encrypted data using 128 bit SSL secured channel. You can also supply your own encryption keys for ultimate privacy!

Cloud Storage Gives You Security & Protection

ProShark Cloud Storage Access Older VersionsAccess older versions Need to retrieve an older version of a file? Finally you can keep unlimited number of older versions of any file with Versioning controls.

ProShark Cloud Storage Recover Deleted FilesRecover deleted files Have you ever deleted a file by mistake only to realize later that you need it? Use Archive Controls to keep locally deleted files and folders backed up in your ProDrive cloud.

ProShark Cloud Storage Share FilesShare files via web links Got large files that need to be shared quickly? Get web link for any file and share it with friends and colleagues. As a result, you can secure links with password or un-share any file completely.

ProShark Cloud Storage Mobile AppsMobile Apps for iOS and Android Need to access files on the go? Access, view, backup, or even share files right from your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

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