Data Solutions

Data Solutions

Our Data Solutions department provides more than just data services, we provide solutions. Whether you need help aggregating your data, need to get the data up in the cloud for high availability or need to secure it from external attacks and hacks, we are your data solution. Maybe you have data containing marketing rich intelligence that you need help using or perhaps you need to begin collecting business intelligence data (aka cloud intelligence). We are your data solutions provider.

Data Management

We do everything data including managing your data and integrating across platforms and applications. If you have your own dataset, it is far more practical to have us manage than to hire a full-time Database Administrator to maintain your data and keep it up to date and efficient. We take care of all the practical database maintenance utilizing the latest remote data management tools and procedures.

With hacks becoming a norm rather than an exception, data security is of critical importance. We can perform data penetration testing and we can help you make sure you data is protected and secure. Contact us for more information.

Hosted Data Services

So all of this talk about the cloud, how can I leverage offsite applications and services? One of the most critical and yet forgotten areas that your business runs on is data. From human resources to financial systems to customer data and product and sales information, unless you operate in a vacuum, your business is data dependent.

If you are already running cloud applications then chances are good that your data is backed up and can be restored in a short period of time. If your applications are not in the cloud yet, then one of two things is happening. First, you are spending a lot of money on keeping data local and maintaining backup datasets. Second, and this is more common than we care to imagine, your data is local and is not protected or backed up.

Additionally, some business owners want to maintain control over their data or integrate in a central location. We now provide that service by offering Hosted Data Solutions. We utilize fully redundant commercial grade, high-security hardware to keep your data structure intact, maintained, backed up and, most importantly, available. Contact us for more information.

Data Mining, Modeling & Analytics

What would you like to know today about your business? Give us the data and we will help you build modeling solutions to help you with projections so you can focus on what you do best – your business. We can utilize our proprietary modeling tools to help you understand your data and build accurate trending and patterns that you can use to develop mission-critical strategic planning.

Want an analysis of performance? Key metric to projection? We can help you slice and dice your data to get a clear understanding of the metric you are looking to dig into. Client behavior with specific performance? This is what CRM was originally designed to be and the industry, until now, has fallen short of the mark. We are here to change that and provide you the answers you need.

Need access to obsure or multi-layered data that is not readily available? We can help. Our mining tools and experts can get or derive the data you need and will work closely with you to deliver the right information. Contact us for more information.

Database Development & Integration

At ProShark, data and development are what we do for a living and we do them really well. Whether you need to create a simple database to store information generated by your site or you need us to develop a highly available, cross-platform, enterprise data structure, we are your data solution. We will design, develop and integrate any number of data sets to provide you with a solution that solves your problems. If you need extrapolated information and want to build logic around your existing data points, then you need to contact us.