The field of computer or IT security is known as both “CyberSecurity”. Its purpose is to prevent Cybercrime before it happens by minimizing risk exposure through threat intelligence and “hardening” or protecting an IT environment. Chances are that, as a business or a client, you have been on the receiving end of some form of hacking. Cybercrime is not just for the hackers in the dark back rooms anymore. It has become a mainstream business worth billions and cybercrime is not slowing down or going away anytime soon. In fact, it is a blooming business. According to CyberSecurity Ventures, damages from cybercrime will top $6 trillion (with a “t”) by the year 2021.

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CyberSecurity: Why Should I Care?

Like herding a bunch of cats, IT security is no longer an exercise of trying to stay 1 step ahead of the criminals. As a multi-billion dollar business, cybercrime attracts innovation and intelligence. It creates an environment where cybersecurity experts are always playing catch-up to attacks and shoring up vulnerabilities. Experts secure what is in place and cybercriminals hunt down new and previously unexposed methods of network intrusion.

Bet you didn’t know hackers could use your DVR, printers and Smart TV’s to gain access to your network. Also known as IoT (Internet of Things) devices, these products are everywhere so how do you protect against that? Great question. INTERPOL says this, “In the past, cybercrime was committed mainly by individuals or small groups. Today, we are seeing highly complex cybercriminal networks bring together individuals from across the globe in real time to commit crimes on an unprecedented scale.” Read more from INTERPOL here.

Also, you can take a look at what the FBI is saying about Cyber Crime, “The threat is incredibly serious — and growing. Cyber intrusions are becoming more commonplace, more dangerous, and more sophisticated.” A linear view of CyberSecurity is no longer viable. Both businesses and individuals need to start looking at things differently to stem the flow of illicit information. That is where ProShark CyberSecurity comes in. We paint CyberSecurity differently.

How is ProShark CyberSecurity Different?

Most cybersecurity agencies view security on the web from a top down view. In other words, monitor enterprise traffic and take the most serious threat first. In this scenario, security prioritization is always a response to real threat based on threat detection with little focus on threat and risk prevention. In other words, you are always chasing the cyber-criminal once they have attempted intrusion and never preventing the attempt before it happens. This is reactionary cybersecurity and comprises 90% of the security approach in the marketplace.

ProShark CyberSecurity Circle

The ProShark CyberSecurity team takes a holistic view and believes in preventing cybercrime before it happens. How do we do that? We don’t sit around and wait for someone to try and break-in. We work to find them before they do. Our team consists of premier cybersecurity service providers who not only monitor intrusion activity, but also monitor web and dark web traffic and chatter to identify problems before they occur. If you have a data breach and your business is in the SMB class, there is a greater than 90% chance that you will be driven out of business. So good cybersecurity too late is no security at all. Get proactive. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

CyberSecurity Supply Chain Vulnerability: VSB’s -> SMB’s -> Enterprise

Where is the biggest vulnerability? That depends on which class of business you are in – VSB, SMB or Enterprise.