Email List Cleaning / List Hygiene

If you have been emailing for any length of time, then you have probably gotten an email list cleaning performed by someone somewhere overseas and you probably got back junk that still landed you on blacklists. We are different. Our list cleaning and list hygiene is US based and we show you exactly who was removed and why. Our proprietary process was developed to deliver the cleanest lists possible. When you purchase email list cleaning, purchase USA and get the job done right.

What does it do? Email list cleaning helps keep you off blacklists and keeps you emailing to valid recipients. Emails are planted into lists all the time so if you are getting blacklisted, it means that email addresses have gotten in your list that don’t belong there. We do not recommend purchasing lists, but if you do, you need to have it cleaned or you will just get blacklisted almost immediately. Here are the steps we go through when performing email list hygiene or email list cleaning.

  • Spam Trap & Quarantine Emails: We remove known spam traps and previous spam trap emails keeping you off the blacklists.
  • Duplicate & Invalid Emails: We remove duplicates, improperly formatted email addresses and syntax errors.
  • Role Accounts: Removal of “Role Account” emails, such as: sales@, support@, info@, etc.
  • Keyword Scrub: We remove words like spam, junk, abuse, etc. from the list of emails.
  • Bounce File Compare: We test against hard bounce lists and then we test each email for deliverability.
  • Complainers File: We remove known complainers and members of Spamcop.
  • Domain & Seed Traps: We compare and remove any spam seed, BOT, honeypot, black list or bogus emails and domains from the list of email address domains.
  • Throwaway, disposable email addresses: We remove all temporary, junk collector and non-responder email addresses.
  • Network Blocks: Our proprietary verification software system validates each email address in your database to see if it is an address that can accept email.

How much will it cost me to purchase email list cleaning and what do I get? What you get is 3 files when you purchase email list cleaning from us. You will get a file with Certified Domestic Emails, you will get a file with Certified International Emails and you will get a file containing Do Not Email addresses. This means you can keep on file all of the spam traps and other bad emails to compare against your other lists. How much does email list cleaning cost? Simply click the button below and select the desired amount of emails you need cleaned.