Short Films

While advertising is the work week and what we do really well to pay the bills, short films are our weekend and what we do out of passion and because we love the space. If you have an idea for a short movie and want to get it down on film, we can help you make your idea come alive.

We offer everything from screen writing to story boarding to location arrangements and shooting along with everything else that comes in between. These are works of passion for us and we would do it for the love of the project if we could survive doing it, but unfortunately that is not the case.

Here are the realities of short films.

First, for a short film of approximately 8 to 12 minutes in length, you are looking at a starting budget of about $15,000 to do it right depending on the number of scenes, location, crew, equipment and set requirements. This is using moderate talent although we know most short film makers want to star in it themselves. We are happy to screen test you and give you our opinion on whether that is a good idea or not. And whether you like it or not, we will be honest because our goal is to create a stunning short film masterpiece that rocks the world. Your private goal of becoming an “A” lister is secondary to the film.

Second, understand that creating short films is a long shot. If you would like us to submit to the festivals for you, we have packages to do that or, if your goal is distribution, we offer that as well. Each of these avenues is still a roll of the dice although we will create a stunning film and provide you every opportunity to be successful. This is also where our marketing expertise comes into play. We will push and fight for your project because our success is tied to yours.

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