Also known as teasers or previews, trailers play an important part of any theatrical or media driven environment. Best known as the marketing tools for feature-length films, trailers are anywhere from a 30-second to a 2 minute spot used to preview the highlights of a film or event. The sole purpose of a trailer is to entice the viewer to attend (in person or online) an event whether the event is a film, seminar, play, opera, public speaking event, promotional event or any myriad of other social activities where the promoter is working to increase attendance.

Usually a trailer is a combination of Motion Graphics and live shots edited together to provide a condensed story of the target activity. Because Trailers are extremely labor intensive, they start at $5,000 and go up from there. If done properly however, they will lure and entice the viewer to be a part of the activity and, if done really well, they will create viral social media where the promotion of the event takes on a life of its own.

Viral is extremely difficulty to predict with any degree of accuracy, but there is one thing that we do know about viral. While it is next to impossible to know whether a video or marketing effort will go viral, if that video or marketing is missing certain elements then we can predict with almost certainty that it will never viral. We give every piece of marketing and video we do the elements necessary to go viral and then we push it through the channels and let it fly.

Going back to the video elements, when we build trailers, we build excitement. We generate the emotional connection necessary for the viewer to “feel” the trailer. You have seen it, when the trailer does a great job, how you want to be a part of the promoted activity, where you feel the connection. That is our real job when we build trailers, to build the connection and anticipation.

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