Blockchain is a relatively new term to the mainstream media and masses. In short, it refers to a peer-to-peer ledger system whose usefulness to current technology platforms has only begun discovery. Founded circa 2008 with the advent of bitcoin, blockchain revolutionizes our concept of data integrity and validation by distributing multiple copies across peer computers and networks where the chain is constantly processed and transactions validated.

Put Everything on Blockchain!

While this still brand new technology has an extremely high level of utility in certain situations, not everything should be put on blockchain or Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Many functions operate very efficiently in their current technology space where redundancy and data integrity are not necessary.

Contrary to popular belief, a distributed ledger is not an efficient tool unless you have use for immutable data. Think about everyone having to have a copy of everything to perform a function. This is not always viable so questions need to be asked and answered about your business model before deciding to move forward with your brand new, sparkly project. We help you ask and answer those questions.

Conversion vs Innovation

While there are many new and innovative uses for DLT and we have only begun scratching the surface, there are many who are just trying to create a business out of conversion from a local currency to crypto-currency. That is a mistake since it does not create value or distinction from existing businesses and novelty soon wears off.

To be successful in launching a blockchain endeavor, you have to be innovative in how you use the distributed ledger. It has to perform a function beyond what is available in the current marketplace. Adding on to that caveat, not all of your operations belong on blockchain. Distributed Ledger Technology is an inefficient platform for any coin. It should only be used where it provides added value to an operation.

Blockchain – We Can Help

We have been around since the beginning of blockchain and we can help. Have a question or need assistance? Contact us and we will be happy to help. Also, we will be building out this section of the site so pardon our construction as we strive to offer the best value to our users.