Sick of paying third party prices for Captcha Solving? Software is not what is expensive, it’s your captcha costs. We’ve cut this down by up to 80% Leaving the cost of software a breeze compared to what you would normally pay without auto captcha solving. The average SEO user spends $10-$20 a day in Captcha credits. This will cost you more money than any software out there because your always paying for it.

The system we recommend is broken down into three parts, Easy captchas get sent to Captcha Breaker, Whatever is not solved in Captcha breaker gets  split into two directions, unsolved re-captcha gets sent off to a paid service in which we get very good discounted pricing. The other captchas get sent to Mega OCR. So there’s three services solving your captchas leaving you a pretty sweet success rate.

All you have to do on your desktop, is select captcha sniper for any software you are using, or Decaptcher. If you are using proxies you may have to use captcha sniper, to make sure our auto captcha system is working for you click on balance and make sure it says a positive number like 9.99 or 9.  Both decaptcher and captcha sniper option  will send directly to our automated captcha  system. And you can even use your own back up service in any software that allows it. There’s always going to be a few that get through unsolved but if you are still using your own back up captcha service it  will cost a fraction of what it would cost sending all the captchas to your paid service and not using ours.

So if you want to save yourself an average of $300-$400/Month in captcha costs than your in the right place and we’re always looking for new ways to solve these. Right now the only obstacle for us is the load of the captchas coming in. Not the success rate in solved captchas. We’ve come a long way with this ,and once we’re at a steady 90% success rate for captcha solving we will have met our goal.

If for any reason you did not read the “READ ME” file on your desktop or do not know how to set this up. Want to find out more about our DIY SEO packages.

Here’s a video to prove it

And there will be more videos coming soon this week with more proof. All of our staff and I personally have not purchased captchas in over a year. You can really save thousands of dollars.