Development of Cloud Intelligence

Distributed systems have revolutionized the way companies interact and engage customers. The cloud is the new business marketplace because it allows interaction at any touchpoint, anywhere in the world.

Marketing today is not the same marketing it was yesterday. Humans, to connect online or offline, must have visual integration, interactive platforms and engaging activities. Those are now requirements of Customer Relationship Management and must be an integral function of any web presence and development today.

The 360 degree view is not limited to just clients though. Today’s business entity not only has external clients, but internal clients as well. Any segment of the business must be completely transparent within an organization – Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR and Operations must now have the ability to share and interact with data across divisions.

This cohesive coordination is what allows organizations to share data and use it as a function of intelligence and as a marketing tool.

That is Cloud Intelligence and we make it happen.
• Share data across departments, divisions and enterprises
• Collaborate real-time on critical flags, triggers and events
• Develop actual and projected trends based on data and data modeling
• Do all of this at a fraction of the cost of onsite systems
• Integrate seamlessly through Salesforce and other applications that generate client and market data

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