What is the Cloud?

The Cloud is another way of saying distributed. Many think this concept is new, but it has been around for a long time in the form of hosted websites and applications. Distributed software and distributed services allow us to operate when we are connected to the Internet regardless of where we are. Additionally, this type of infrastructure allows you to capitalize on a piece of software or a collection of applications that reside decentralized servers. As a business owner or IT professional this approach to providing solutions gives you some major advantages.

  • Economies of scale – grow your business without growing your IT budget.
  • Use applications as you need them in a pay as you go format.
  • Easy applications, easy implementations and easy maintenance.
  • Local, regional or global solutions are all the same. Have If you have Internet then you have access anywhere in the world.
  • More efficient workforce means a better bottom line
  • Big hardware buys are a thing of the past.
  • Distributed software pricing is a fraction of the costs
  • Monitor efficiency from a single vantage point and save a fortune
  • Cloud integration allows you maximum flexibility and cost-savings when upsizing or changing workforce parameters.

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Benefits of working in the Cloud

Hosted Data & Hosted Solutions. Whether it is a SaaS (Software as a Service) deployment or the creation and maintenance of a mission-critical data set, we understand the problems and solutions. We are building a future in the cloud and have a great deal of experience with deploying and integrating hosted applications. It does not stop there though as we create custom distributed software for deployment to the cloud. Let us see if the cloud is the right solutions for you.

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Integrated Services and the Cloud

Although there may be many measurable benefits, distributed applications are not always the right solution. We can help you determine if distributed applications are right for you. The ability to take your software and applicaiton needs to the cloud typically results in significant savings to the business owner while delivering a high-availability application to the client. Moreover, applications in the cloud are kept up to date and are accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Let us see if developing an application is right for you or if we can take a ready-made application like Salesforce, ProShark Lead Developer or another application that more closely suits your requirements. Software as a Service (SaaS) will save you a great deal of money if we can utilize an out of the box solution. Find out more