Cloud Support

One of our fastest growing sectors, cloud support saves you money. It also increases the services levels of your applications for your employees and your clients. With the co-joining of SaaS applications, everyone needs support, but where do you turn? It is often difficult to determine where to get the best support for your platform. And so cloud support was born. In short, our teams get up to speed on your applications and then we support them for you. This offloads expensive technical personnel and gives you flexibility in the dollars you spend to support your cloud applications. There are three different types of cloud support that we provide.

Client Support

We provide the staff and expertise to support your client base so you don’t have to, and that saves you time and money. From call center operation scripting and 24/7/365 support to business hour single person support, we handle it all. While we handle large accounts, our sweet spot is the small to mid-size firms who are keenly aware of every dollar they spend, yet know they need to provide superior customer service to their clients. These firms are typically just starting or recently launched their cloud applications and do not possess the in-house technical staff to support it. These firms are also finding that the development teams who created the platform, while they may be amazing at what they created, are not necessarily the best choice for supporting the public facing side of the application. Learn more.

Employee Support

While the benefits of cloud based applications are enormous, the other guys who integrate and sell the technical benefits don’t tell you the drawbacks. When your staff is out in the field enjoying these benefits and run into an issue then who do they call? Because your cloud based platform is typically several applications rolled into one, there are usually several different providers. You call the original developer and they say it is a provider issue. You call the provider and it is an integration issue. It can easily become an endless loop of finger pointing and that is where we come in. We provide solutions, not excuses when it counts the most.

Your staff is in the field generating revenue. Every second they are not generating revenue, they are costing you money. We become the lifeline to your platform support. Then you can begin to enjoy the benefits and cost savings of your cloud based software. ProShark Cloud Support provides the one-stop solutions no matter the integration or the number of providers. We can coordinate between the providers or, if you choose, we can support it for you. Your choice. Learn more.

Cloud Platform Support

What happens when the work is done and the support period expires. You know the phone call. Your service agreement has expired even though you are just now getting familiar with the platform. So now any questions you have or any changes you need will cost more development money even though you just paid a small fortune. Then there is no client or employee support beyond the additional work. So now what?

This is where we come in. Our technical support staff is capable of making adjustments to your platform. Then we help you support the platform for as long as you need. In addition, we will partner with you to evolve your platform because it needs to grow as you grow and your needs will demand changes that you may or may not be able to anticipate. Learn more.

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