ProShark Salesforce
As a Salesforce Partner, we are pleased to offer a premier cloud based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution designed to help you develop your relationships and grow your business. We all know it is far more cost effective to generate sales and revenue from an existing base of clients than it is to obtain new clients.

In reality, you need to be doing both. Attracting new clients to your product or service is a critical and necessary function of sales. So how do you minimize the cost of generating and developing new leads? That is where we come in.

At ProShark, we can help you identify the cost to convert a prospect and turn them into paying clients. Knowing this cost is a critical metric in understanding your bottom line, but then we go one step further. By identifying the cost, we are only halfway there. The next step is to decrease the curve from prospect to productive client and that is where Salesforce begins to shine.

As a completely customizable CRM, we can utilize Salesforce to understand your prospect better and turn them into clients sooner. Through a 360 degree view, we can understand what attracts your clients and begin to assimilate data to learn what drives them to convert. It isn’t magic. It is understanding your clients and then creating a process that is laser focused on delivering the product or service they are interested in with as little effort as possible.

Salesforce is one of the premier cloud based solutions to increase sales and productivity in your business. Because it is cloud based, it reduces the need for expensive hardware and architecture and because it is extremely flexible, it integrates well with a multitude of applications. Our team will get you up and running quickly and when you need changes, we will adapt your platform on the fly.

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