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Blockchain Term Glossary

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Blockchain Terms

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Accidental Fork
When two or more miners find a block almost simultaneously, an accidental fork may occur. If one chain becomes longer than the other, the network may eventually abandon the blocks not in the longer chain. These blocks are then classified as "orphaned blocks".
Transactions are sent to and from cryptocurrency "addresses" over the network. An Address is used as a sending or receiving point on the network. An address is typically a string of alphanumeric characters.
Agreement Ledger
An "Agreement Ledger" is simply a distributed ledger used by two or more parties to negotiate and reach consensus.
An altcoin is simply any digital currency alternative to Bitcoin. There are quite a few altcoins that are simply derivatives or forks of Bitcoin such as Bitcoin Cash (BCH).
Acronym for Application Programming Interface, which is a software connector that helps two separate applications communicate with each other. API's typically pass sets of data from one platform to another. is built on a API.
Application Specific Integrated Circuit is a "chip" made for a very specific purpose such as mining SHA-256 based coins. Because ASIC's are specific with faster processing designed for a specific task (hashing), they far outperform gpu mining gear. ASIC miners (hardware) are designed to perform specific hashes as fast as possible in order to increase mining revenue.
Attestation Ledger
This is a distributed ledger providing a durable record of agreements, commitments or statements. In turn, this provides evidence, or "Attests" that agreements, promises, commitments or statements were made in fact.
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