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Blockchain Term Glossary

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Blockchain Terms

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IEO (Initial Exchange Offering)
Very similar to ICO's the primary difference is that funding is delivered through exchanges rather than directly to the investor. One negative aspect of an ICO is that, in most cases, the coin never reached an exchange so was not marketable for all intents and purposes. In an IEO, the exchange piece is already there so the entity has at least registered on a domain and the coin is sellable. Although one step closer, you still have to do extensive research and find someone to buy the coin if the IEO is not able to execute.
Unchangeable. With an inherent inability to be altered by any party or parties with a permanently published state for viewing in a public format. The blockchain ledger is designed to be immutable making it an excellent platform for public information. 
Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
Still viable in 2019 but far less utilized as a funding vehicle, the ICO generated millions as people and investors wanted to put money behind blockchain ideas. Many failed due to lack of management and or ideas that ended up not being viable products or services or that never reached implementation due to execution failure. Investors are now far more wary of ICO opportunities. The form in which capital is raised to fund new cryptocurrency ventures. Modeled after an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Funders of an ICO receive tokens.
Initial Token Offering (ITO)
Initial Token Offerings are similar to ICOs (initial Coin Offerings), but different in that not every blockchain project that is tokenized has developed a new coin. A project built on the Ethereum network that is tokenized using ETH would be considered an ITO, the project isn’t launching a new coin, just a new application on an established coin platform.
Intentional Fork
Used by development teams to repair a broken or unintentionally forked chain. By purposely forking a chain, blockchain participants are forced back onto the primary chain so that the chain is singular and growing in the right direction. Another intentional fork is where two teams want to take a coin in separate directions for functional reasons. Bitcoin has experienced several intentional forks.
InterPlanetary File System (IPFS)
Interplanetary Networks open source project for the purpose of developing P2P storage and media sharing hypermedia across a distributed file system. There is no single point of failure in an IPFS structure, which creates a trustless node relationship for access and redundancy.
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