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Blockchain Term Glossary

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Blockchain Terms

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Just like a physical ledger, this is a collection of information attributed to a unique identifier (account, individual, etc.) where the information is entered and maintained. Different from a physical ledger, the information is immutable and cannot be erased, changed or altered because it exists not in one place, but in the blockchain record held on every node (participant) in the network. This ledger can only be appended.
Lightning network
An added layer (Layer 2) allows for faster transaction processing by using a "Payment Channel" that can be opened by participants without actually sending them to the blockchain. Once the channel is closed, the payment is recorded and then sent to the blockchain for entry. This speeds up the time it takes to complete a transaction.
The ability to convert assets to a form of payment accepted in exchange for a service or product. For cryptocurrency, it is the ability to readily exchange digital assets for goods or services.
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