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Blockchain Term Glossary

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Blockchain Terms

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Market Cap
Also known as Market Capitalization, this is a measure of how much money is in a coin. By multiply outstanding coins by the current value of a coin, we get to the capitalization measure which tells us about reach of the coin, liquidity for investors and, comparatively, the direction of the valuation for the coin.
Merkle Tree    
A data structure used in computer science applications, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Merkle trees work to encode data from the blockchain more effectively, efficiently and securely. Also known as "binary hash trees", a Merkle tree is a hash-based data structure with a branching factor of 2. They represent a hash of block data with up to 2 children. 
A combination of hardware and software used to mine data from the blockchain network in effort to "discover" new blocks and add them to the chain. This is achieved by "hashing" for miners and "forging" for stakers. The miner (staker) receives a reward for adding a new block to the blockchain.
Mining is the act of "hashing" through data on the blockchain network to validate blockchain transactions and discover new blocks to add to the chain. It is a combination of hardware and software to process data in a specific format. The faster the processing, the more a miner earns.
Mining pool    
When multiple miners join together to increase hash rate as a collective unit, they are termed a mining pool. Several mining pool entities exist that band miners together for a fee. The upside is that more blocks are discovered than in individual mining due to the increased computing power of the pool.
An Ethereum based browser for using Decentralized Applications (dApps) and interacting with the Ethereum blockchain.
MSP (Membership Service Provider)     
A governing unit on Hyperledger Fabric blockchain network, the network can be managed by one or more Membership Service Providers.
Multi-signature is a term used to identify addresses that require multiple signatures. This provides an extra security layer by mandating that more than one key be used to authorize a transaction. A multi-signature is a signature formed by multiple other signatures combined. Some operations require a multi-signature in order for it to become executed.
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