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Marketing Terms

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Desktop Development
While it can refer to user interface or client side interaction (Microsoft's preferred definition), Desktop Development is better suited to describe a native application or one that is installed in either a PC or Mac (Linux) environment for use as client facing software. Desktop development is the creation of these programs that need to be installed to be used.
Domain Name
It is really important to pick a domain name that is relevant to what you are doing with your site whether it is selling products and services or it is simply a branding engine. Your domain name is your name on the Internet and making it relevant to what you do will help you get seen. If you need help or have questions about choosing a name that is right for you, be sure to contact us. Interesting fact, when you go to a website, you are not really going to What you are really doing is going to the site specific IP address of a server. When DARPA came out with the Internet, machines reached each other by going to a numeric value assigned to a specific machine. This is known as an IP (Internet Protocol) address. This was not very user friendly, so early Internet adopters came up with a way to translate the IP address to a name. This is known as DNS (Domain Name System).
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