Small and Midsize Business CyberSecurity Solutions (SMB CyberSecurity)

While the VSB is the highest risk category of business from a security perspective, Small to Midsize Business or SMB CyberSecurity comes in a very close second. Revenues for this size business range from $5 million to $50 million and the number of employees is somewhere between 20 and 100.

Why Is SMB CyberSecurity So Important?

While the SMB just misses the mark as the highest risk category, it is worth mentioning why. From a sheer threat level perspective, there is no question that the SMB is the highest risk. The SMB has grown to a point where this size business is on the radar screen of attackers. Also, as a supplier to midsize and enterprise business, the SMB is more likely to become part of a supply chain risk. They now have a target on their back. Add to that the primary focus remains on growth, this size company is just getting to the systems and processes necessary for a secure SMB CyberSecurity environment.

The SMB is building sales. They are not shoring up firewalls and hardening their IT environment. That means there are still a lot of holes in security and data protection. Why then is the SMB not #1 in the high risk category? The answer is twofold. Out of the 99% of companies that make up the small to midsize business world, 89% of those are VSB’s. This means that only 10% of the businesses small enough to be in the SMB category are actually SMB’s. The second factor that makes SMB CyberSecurity a fraction less risky is that SMB management has probably started the process of SMB CyberSecurity evaluation. The VSB has not even thought of security yet.

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SMB CyberSecurity Protocols

From the VSB to the early SMB stage, the company does not typically make the radar screen of hackers simply because there is lower hanging fruit out there. That means looking inward will usually suffice to protect a company and the data they store. Our entry level managed solutions are more than enough to protect you in this very small business environment.

What happens when you grow? Now you are getting bigger, your datasets are getting larger and your intrusion detection levels are rising. SMB CyberSecurity begins to morph into more of an external view as we begin to anticipate attacks before they happen and/or we deal with more intelligence events before they occur. This is a multi-fold process that looks beyond network events. First, we begin to tackle chatter in known locations. Second, we begin to look at dark web as an event indicator. This is called Threat Intelligence. We provide continuous threat assessment, monitoring, active mitigation and 24/7 alerts. To discuss the level appropriate to your specific needs, contact one of our SMB CyberSecurity Specialists.

Also, if you deal with downline suppliers, make sure they have security measures in place as well.

Why SMB’s and Enterprise Organizations Need to Worry

As someone who operates in an SMB or Enterprise world, you are thinking that you have it made because the small companies don’t have an impact on your business. You might want to think again. When it comes to cybersecurity risk, it is all about the supply chain, even if it is not connected. Do you source from a VSB or SMB? Do you share clients with any VSB or SMB operations? Then you are at risk. Contact us so we can discuss your options.

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