Very Small Business CyberSecurity Solutions (VSB CyberSecurity)

VSB or Very Small Business Cybersecurity is the highest risk category when it comes to IT Security. These companies can be Mom & Pop’s, they can be growth stagnant, they can be start-ups and they can be restructure targets. A Very Small Business is a subcategory of the Small and Midsize Business category with less than $5 million in revenue and fewer than 20 employees. The VSB category accounts for approximately 90% of all employers so it is a category of business that absolutely cannot be ignored.

Why is a Very Small Business the Highest Risk Category?

The simple answer is that a Very Small Business does not have the resources necessary to identify CyberSecurity risks and implement CyberSecurity standards. Many of these businesses have rudimentary protection. They do not however, have policies or monitoring that meets minimum requirements to secure data and protect against today’s sophisticated hacking efforts. An organization in this category is focused on two things – revenue and growth.

Business owners in this category who take CyberSecurity seriously are not capable of implementing safeguards needed to protect systems and data. The VSB does not have the resources necessary to dedicate personnel to CyberSecurity. The only alternative is to hire expensive consultants to design and implement a security program. Even if the VSB applies limited resources to creating a security program, they still do not have the dedicated personnel to make sure that program remains effective.

Now there is a more affordable service to implement and monitor CyberSecurity risk and threat intelligence. Contact us to find out more.

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Why SMB’s and Enterprise Organizations Need to Worry

As someone who operates in an SMB or Enterprise world, you are thinking that you have it made because the small companies don’t have an impact on your business. You might want to think again. When it comes to cybersecurity risk, it is all about the supply chain, even if it is not connected. Do you source from a VSB? Do you share clients with any VSB operations? Then you are at risk. Contact us so we can discuss your options.

VSB CyberSecurity Protocols

So what is the best method to protect the VSB. In this category, cybersecurity is about tradeoff. On the one hand, there has to be a fairly stringent level of security, but one that is not so restrictive that it hampers business and growth. Again, growth is the singular focus of the VSB. Second, cost is extremely important to the VSB. Cost not only in dollars, but cost in resources necessary to monitor VSB or Very Small Business CyberSecurity events.

The preferred approach is managed log interpretation with minimal to moderate threat intelligence and intrusion alerts. Depending on the complexity of the VSB structure and number of devices, costs for this service are extremely reasonable starting around $500 per month. Please contact us and we will help you begin to define and design your cybersecurity strategy.

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