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No matter the implementation, no matter the platform, we can help you bring your app to life. 

App Development Services

App Development is short for Mobile Application Development. Everyone who thinks App Development is here to stay – Raise your hands (note that the entire room raised their hands). We all know that Apple and Android apps will be around for a long time. But then we ask ourselves, isn’t the market saturated? The answer is easy. We have not even gotten started yet.

App development has not even hit the 10% mark (maybe even 1%) of its potential market capacity. What do we find when we hit the app store for either of the major platforms Apple & Android? We find about a bazillion game apps and we find a growing list of useful business apps. Also, what we have just started finding, and this is key, are applications that integrate with website and desktop applications. Also, once we get deeper into mobile data capacity, app flexibility and mobile capability, we will see a second explosion of mobile applications.

Don’t we need more powerful hardware to keep up with application requirements? Two things are emergint to address this shortfall. First, hardware is getting more powerful every day and bandwidth keeps getting wider with higher data demands. 5G is getting closer. Second, mobile innovation is picking up rapidly and will continue to struggle to keep up with hardware demands.

What makes a successful application?

Apps Today vs. Apps Tomorrow

What makes a successful application today won’t necessarily make a successful application tomorrow. Build for tomorrow.

One of the key things we learned (or should have learned) from the tech bust of 2000 is that for technology to be successful it has to support a business model. Purveyors of technology have always sold to the uninformed that the number of subscribers an application has determines the level of success. This could not be farther from the truth.

To borrow terminology, an application can have a boat load of subscribers and still fail. If the application does not support a revenue driven business model, then it cannot survive. Revenue driven apps like games go after subscribers but they monetize by serving ads. There has to be a better way. Some online businesses are finally opening their eyes that mobile driven revenue should be made in tandem with web-based online products and services. Mobile e-commerce versions have now become a mandatory component of online presence, but we are still only scratching the surface.

Apps of tomorrow will be revenue focused and will create an ancillary marketplace that expands the presence and capability of any business.

App Development – Planning, Strategy & Execution

You may have the greatest idea for an application in the universe, but if you don’t plan and execute well, then your great idea goes out the window without a chance of success. At ProShark, we can help you get your idea to market in a way that makes sense. We know the app development process and will help you evaluate and understand your potential before you even start.

ProShark may even help you fund your project. We have taken on the VC component when it makes sense and is a good fit for both of us. We believe in people who dream and we want to turn your dream into reality. Talk with one of our staff today to learn more…

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