Chatbot Development

When you think of chatbots, what comes to mind? The clunky automated site attendants that have about 3 different responses? That isn’t the case anymore. Chatbots are an essential component. They direct traffic, generate leads, generate appointments and even close sales.

Proshark Chatbox Development Services

We often get the question, “Are chatbots really effective?” The short answer is absolutely and without question. 

Imagine that, while you are sitting on the beach sipping your umbrella drink and kicking it with your favorite person, you have a tireless automated site attendant (chatbot) watching over your site 24/7/365 generating leads and even sales. All the while, using Natural Language Processing to learn better answers to more questions. During all of this, your chatbot is providing specific metrics for interaction improvement that most people don’t even use properly. Enjoy your drink. We’ve got you. 

In most cases, this Chatbot Development page doesn’t get used too often. Why? Out of all the custom function requests we get, 95% can be done right out of the box. What does this mean? It means you save a lot of money while getting the functionality you need for your site. It means that you will be up and running typically in a few days versus weeks or months if you need custom functionality written into the chatbot. 

Don’t get us wrong, if you need the chatbot to do something specific, we will make it happen and if it takes writing in a function, that is exactly what we will do. Because we are more than just a development company, we don’t depend on forcing new code on a client. This directly impacts your bottom line and you get the best of both worlds. Custom code when it is necessary and cost savings when it is not. Full functionality included.

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