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ProShark Desktop DevelopmentThe definition of desktop development is pretty broad. Some software companies define the term as any client facing program. Narrowing the definition even further, we include software that has to be installed to be used. Desktop development should also refer to software that is “native” in format. In other words, if a program is built for Mac or PC, then it must be installed on the type of machine that it was built for. With the advent of the cloud (which has really been around forever), many software companies went to a server based format built to run over the Internet.

Thus came Saas and Cloud Development and everyone thought that Desktop Development was dead. Don’t count it out yet. Now that everyone has had a chance to do the whole cloud thing, many are finding that there is still a viable purpose for Desktop Development. What a few progressive software development companies are finding is that there is an absolute need for a hybrid version of software. Hybrid Development combines the versatility of Cloud Development with Desktop Development. Additionally, hybrid software includes the independence of Desktop Development. This is where ProShark comes in. We connect the cloud with your desktop working to integrate user experience.

Desktop Development vs The Cloud

What are some of the advantages of Desktop Development over the Cloud?

  1. Desktop applications, as a rule, are truly independent of the Internet. In other words, you can use a desktop application offline.
  2. Versatility and capability. Cloud based applications are not native to your computer. As a result, Cloud apps are often a little more limited in functionality.
  3. Security. Native applications are slightly less susceptible to intrusion and hacking. Every edge helps us in the cybersecurity fight.

Combine Desktop Development with Cloudware and you have Hybrid Development. This will be the model moving forward for the next 10 to 15 years. Hybrid, or Integrated Development will be much more prevalent in the future. This is true especially as computers with much stronger process and much higher operating speeds come online. If you would like to know more, please contact us and we will be happy to help you strategize the correct platform for your needs.

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