This is a term that is thrown around, used incorrectly and often seen as a buzzword in the marketing world, but what does it really mean? What is Digital Marketing? In short, Digital Marketing is the use of any electronic media to promote a brand, product, service or event. There are plenty of other definitions out there, but this is the shortest, most accurate and to the point definition we could come up with.

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There are many, many components to digital marketing and anyone who says they are an expert in all aspects of this arena is most likely underestimating the sheer size of the category. Given that it is everything electronic that is used in marketing, there is little chance that any one company or any one individual can be an expert in every area. We know we aren’t. ProShark is an expert in areas of Digital Marketing that can have the most impact on your bottom line.

Let’s face it, if we apply the 80/20 rule, 80% of the return in value is achieved by using 20% of the tools in Digital Marketing. Here are some of the most valuable segments;

  1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization is a stalwart in the industry. Maximizing your site to reach the top 10 spots in the search engines will always be a primary DM target. Organic searches that return on the front page of any of the major search engines will drive traffic to a site. The target is always moving with changes in algorithms and site relevance interpretation so it is critical that the company in charge of your SEO is always in front of the curve. At ProShark, we focus on 3 primary areas within SEO – niche, keywords and social relevance. Those are currently the focus areas by which the majors are ranking.
  2. Email Marketing has always been and will probably always be at the top of the list of cost effective, high reach marketing tools. Email has always gotten a bad rap due to those who abuse it, but done right, it is the tool of choice for true digital marketers. The bad news is that 98% of email marketing is ineffective because it is not executed correctly. The good news is that we at ProShark are experts at email marketing and can help you create and develop your email strategy.
  3. Funnel Marketing is a relative new-comer to the scene, but do not underestimate this channel. Sales funnels are some of the most powerful digital marketing tools out there and they will become more widely used as marketing evolves. In the short period that Sales Funnel Marketing has existed, the results have been more than impressive and this channel is becoming more mainstream every day. Let us show you the power of Sales Funnel Marketing.
  4. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) – We can’t finish the topic of Digital Marketing without discussing PPC. These are the ads you pay for in the various search engines and social media sites, but what do you really know about PPC? If you are investing in this space, what is your ROI and how much traffic is each ad channel generating. If you don’t know the answers to these questions, then chances are pretty good that you are wasting a lot of money and not hitting the targets you are aiming for with PPC. Let us help you become more effective in this space.

So we help where it counts, the 80% that will provide you with the greatest return on your marketing dollars. We are able to provide value at any stage from devising your Digital Marketing strategy to creating a plan of attack to measuring your marketing ROI. Even if you have a simple question, contact us and we will be glad to help.