Chatbot Marketing

How to 10x Your ROI

As we have said and will continue to say, building a relationship with your client is the absolute most important thing you can do in marketing today. Chatbox marketing is a relatively new market, but you will see it grow exponentially over the next few years.

10x Your Marketing ROI

Proshark Conversational Marketing

A chatbot is an automated attendant that resides on your website to field questions, set appointments and even conduct sales. Also known as conversational marketing, this is a relatively new channel, but the impact it will have on how the client interacts with your site will be significant. Within 2 weeks watch your marketing investment grow. Imagine answering all questions and removing obstacles for people to take action. How significant is that? Imagine this 24/7/365. Proshark can have you up and running in no time.

Increase Lead Capture

Outperforms lead forms and pop-ups by 33% or more and better capture demographic data

24/7/365 Real-Time Response

Answer questions about products & services every day, all day without adding a penny to payroll

Instantly Book Meetings

Books meetings, webinars & events from your website straight to the calendar

Auto-Qualify & Route Leads

Automate lead qualification & route correspondence to the appropriate staff

Measure Your Marketing

How well is your marketing campaign doing? Export results to your analytics platform

Website Marketing

Chatbots provide instant information 24/7 for website visitors, which speeds the conversion cycle. Chatbots that leverage Natural Language Processing (NLP) can answer hundreds of questions over time. Once a visitor interacts with the chatbot, the chatbot “remembers” the information provided for their next visit–providing a more targeted conversation based on the provided demographics and increasing conversions. This experience increases conversions. In addition, chatbots reduce friction because they only ask for the information necessary, and also create a new nurture strategy by capturing contact information over time and automating lead nurturing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is enhanced in several ways. For example, if one of your prospects opens an email, a chatbot can be embedded to answer common questions or book appointments straight from the email to a sales team’s calendar. Additionally, after the user clicks on an email, a chatbot can be triggered on the site to continue the conversation from the email to the website—further targeting the messaging and experience without creating microsites or changing static web content. With conversational marketing, a chatbot can transform a simple text notification into a fully automated conversation as well as a tool to book services, pay for products and so much more.

Lead Generation, Automation & Auto-Routing

Companies spend a vast amount of resources cultivating leads, automating responses as well as qualifying and routing leads to the appropriate team. Many companies use an inside sales teams and rubric of rules to accomplish lead routing, which can often be influenced by manipulation and politics. Chatbot automation will ask the qualifying questions while the prospect is on the site, assign the lead to the right member of the right sales team, book a meeting instantly and can even live transfer or send a notification when the person is on the site. This adds significant value to both marketing and sales teams.


The website and landing page quality score impacts search engine optimization by Google and other browsers. Attributes that affect this quality score are bounce rate, time spent on the website, and conversions made. By leveraging chatbots, you can decrease bounce rate and increase time on the website because users are able to engage conversationally with the bot instead of bouncing if they don’t immediately see the information they need. Chatbots which are empowered to have long and sophisticated conversations will engage your users for longer periods of time, which not only increases conversion, but will also improve your page quality score, pushing up your website rankings for SEO.

Social Marketing

If most of your client’s traffic is on social media channels like Facebook or Twitter (common with entertainment accounts) a chatbot is a useful tool to help explain concert dates, recommend songs based on your preferences, or sell merchandise before an event. Chatbots help engage users and guide them to make more informed decisions.

Digital Advertising

Currently, most attribution platforms will tell you which leads came from which campaigns and strategies. Unfortunately, they cannot tell you the quality of those leads, creating tension between marketing and sales. However, chatbots can qualify leads in real time and mark leads which are of higher value, so when you go to evaluate a campaign you have better information about leads that will result in sales and improve your ROI.

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