Email List Cleaning / List Hygiene

If you have been emailing for any length of time, then you probably know all about email list cleaning. You also understand how critical the process is to keep your reputation intact and delivery rate high. If you are a master emailer then you already know how spam traps get into your lists. You also know the damage they do and why email list cleaning is so important. If you are an email expert then no need to read further. Here is a sample report that we provide with every email list cleaning. Check out our super competitive rates and order here.


Email Marketing Expert

“What if I am not an email marketing expert, but I want to be.” You can lean on our expertise in email marketing and we will help you every step of the way. Our founder, with over 30 years experience in email marketing, will tell you that the most important component of any and every email campaign, is your list. Your list is what will make you money every time you send to it. It will become your bank account if you treat it properly.

The most important aspect of any list is hygiene. Email list cleaning is basically removing weeds from your list. The “weeds” affect your deliverability which, in turn, reduces the value of your list. We can demonstrate a different way.

Life Cycle with Email List Cleaning

Also Known As (a.k.a.) the “Good List” life cycle. When you start with a clean list and perform regular maintenance on it, here is what happens. You send out to the list and very few bounce back. You have no complaints, spam traps, seeds, honeypots, etc… so your email server reputation continues to grow and deliverability rate continues to rise. These can be cold lists, warm lists or even old lists.

The “Bad List” life cycle is much shorter, full of frustration and far less profitable. This is, by the way, the path followed by the majority of email marketers. 100% of these are amateurs who will fail and discontinue email marketing. In bad list emailing, you send out with traps in your list. You start hitting blacklists immediately. ISP’s, who utilize blacklist services, start to see your delivery server and begin blocking your emails. Your delivery rate goes down to 40% at best and you are spending far more than you are making. Your server gets blocked and banned. You give up.

email list cleaning mythsSome Urban Myths

MYTH #1 – Many people think cold list emailing is not legal or legitimate. As long as you follow CAN-SPAM regulations, then it is perfectly acceptable to market to unknown individuals. One important point here. A warm list, especially after having cultivated the list, will always have better response rates. Done right, email will always have the best ROI.

MYTH #2 – Verification is the same as cleaning. Nope. Verification ensures that the email is valid and will not produce a hard bounce. Email list cleaning runs multiple checks to make sure that an email address is not a spam trap, honey pot, seed or other form of email that will get you blacklisted. This includes checking against many lists and running emails through complex algorithms.

MYTH #3 – I have a closed system with a landing page and permission to market so why am I on blacklists? Most people don’t realize that ISP’s hire blacklist providers. Blacklist providers show value by the number of email marketers they have on their blacklist. That means the blacklist providers will seed everything they can get their hands on, including legitimate marketing efforts.

MYTH #4 – Spam trap emails only come from emails and domains created by ISP’s and blacklist providers. FALSE. Emails used to ensnare marketers include spam traps, moles, seeds, parked domains, invalid emails, keys and network protected domains to name a few. Old and unused emails are converted to traps as well to catch email marketers. Unfortunately, this means that your lists have to be cleaned on a regular basis.

MYTH #5 –  All email list cleaning services are the same. This is one of the worst myths of all. First, anyone can say that they clean lists and check them against databases of names, but this is only a small portion of the process. Add that to the fact that most services check against dated databases and do not check for any other factor that can cause a blacklist listing and you are throwing your money away. ProShark is US based and we do this for a living. If you don’t believe us, save a couple of dollars on your first email list cleaning and then come see us. We will help you with all of your email needs.

We check all of these for you. Take a look at the sample report. This is what you will receive when you do your email list cleaning with us. You will also find basic analytical insight into your list who is likely to respond to your messages. Another important factor of what we do is that we separate domestic and international emails which will help you better target your messages.

What Will Email List Cleaning Cost Me?

When it comes to pricing your email list cleaning service, you will find that pricing is all over the board. That is, until you get to the people and companies who know what they are doing. Then you will find that pricing is pretty similar among the top competitors. There is reason all the top email list cleaning service providers all charge close to the same price. It is because, to do it right and make a fair profit, this is what it costs. Simple enough.

So when you come across the overseas offer that seems too good to be true, it probably is. We are very competitive in the market so check out our pricing below. You can price and order from the same screen. Up to 1 million, use the drop down on the left. Over a million, use the drop down on the right. Once you have completed the order, we will send an ftp link with password. Your data is always secure.

At ProShark, we make your life a little bit easier.