Email Lists

No matter how you slice it and dice it, email marketing is here to stay, but you have to do it right. Email is still, and will most likely always be, the lowest cost, highest reach method of advertising there is and if you are not working on an email strategy then you will always be scratching for that precious web based revenue.

Email marketing strategy can be broken into two primary components – The List and The Campaign.

The List

The List is simply the names of who you communicate and interact with to build your business. While most people think of the list as a static element that you simply send emails to periodically, nothing could be farther from the truth. Your list is a living organism that constantly must be fed and tended to in order to remain healthy. It has to be nurtured and pruned regularly to grow.

List maintenance is a critical part of email marketing, constantly cleaning and interacting with your list, but this is not the biggest problem email marketers and potential email marketers face. Most will never be successful at email marketing for one simple reason, they don’t know how to build the list. This is where we come in.

Cold List Building versus Warm List Building – A cold list is a highly grey area of emailing to older purchased lists or old optin lists from other assets. These lists, while they have value, can get you into trouble. While there are issues in marketing via this method, one strategy used by successful email marketers is to use complaint resistant email service providers such as XipMail who host DIY (Do It Yourself) or DFY (Done For You) services. The primary strategy is to email in a specific fashion to get the recipients to convert from Cold List to Warm List. This is a build only strategy and is not for marketing your product.

Warm List Building is email marketing to optin only recipients. These lists have a much higher deliverability rate and are who is your product market audience. Learn more about our DIY Email Platform for your warm list marketing. We also offer Done For You services and an Email Service Provider platform. There is zero spam tolerance policy for ProShark Email Marketing services and this is true for all warm list marketing services. These services are for verifiable optin clients only. Building your warm list is done primarily via 3 methods.

  1. Landing pages
  2. Funnel Marketing
  3. Subscription

ProShark can help you build utilizing all three strategies, providing you a list building machine designed to get traction for your product or service in the shortest amount of time possible. Once you have your list building nailed down, you need to turn your focus to campaigns.

The Campaign

Most people think of an email marketing campaign as a single email sent out to a list of people with a singular purpose of selling an item or a service. This could not be farther from the truth. Remember that, when you send an email two things need to happen. First, you have to gain instantaneous trust from the reader. Second, if you get past the first hurdle, then you need to grab the interest of the recipient enough to get them to take the next step. If you fail at either one of these steps, then your reader is typically lost forever. How many emails do you look at in a day? How many do you open or read? You have about 1.5 seconds to accomplish these two requirements.

Second, let’s say you get lucky and the reader opens your email. Now what? You now have to convert the open into an action. This is the first phase of conversion, getting them to click a link or a button. Now most people make the mistake of trying to sell here. The second phase of conversion is to simply get them to take an action. Maybe it is a purchase, but most likely this is a relationship building activity like newsletter signup or receiving a free gift in exchange for more information. Conversions usually take 7 or more communications for the reader to take action. Whether it is a purchase or an action, this is the point where you measure conversion. So great, you converted someone from an email reader to what we call a ‘Fan’. It is imperative to remember that we are not after the sale (even though we really are), we are after the relationship. It may take us a little longer to convert this way, but the results are significantly higher.

Then there is split testing, segmentation, conversion measurement and other components designed to return maximum ROI on each campaign. Done right, email marketing is highly effective and will lead to increased revenue through stronger client relationships. Let ProShark help you create your email marketing strategy. Learn more.