Proshark Mail™ DIY/ DFY

Our full-service, warm list email marketing campaign management system will help you build campaigns, schedule, segment, test and send. Check out our Email Platform (Unmanaged) here.

Email is still the #1 ROI when it comes to reaching your clients, but most people don’t email because the difficulty level for doing it right is high. Using our Managed Services we do it all for you. Check out our Email Plan pricing here.

The first step is to find out which is the best solution for you. Request a Free Consultation with one of our email marketing experts. Remember, conversion is the goal of successful email marketing. ProShark helps you convert.


Proshark specializes in high volume emailing for commercial email that requires more resilient delivery solutions. If you would like to speak with one of our marketing consultants to see which solution is right for you, just contact us here.

One of our email experts will help you identify the best platform to get your customers engaged and grow your presence in the marketplace. Get a Free Email Marketing Consultation from a ProShark email marketing expert.


Email Marketing Services

At ProShark, we know that email marketing is more than just sending an email. Our email experts can help you with any aspect of your email marketing efforts. Some of the services we offer;

  • Email List Cleaning / List Hygiene – Clean your lists before you send. Get a Price or Buy Now
  • Email Platform – We will help you identify your requirements and set up the correct platform.
  • We are experts in bulk mail software.
  • ProShark will help you define and create campaigns from single to multiple drip.
  • Need a testing environment or custom email development? We are here to help.

Learn more here or ask an expert.


Become a ProShark Email Reseller

Digital Marketer or Agency who wants to offer email marketing as a service? We have multiple partnership models ranging from affiliate to white label for you to offer your clients.

Now you can provide your customers with more services and more value. That means you spend less to generate more revenue.

Signup or Sign In Now – 1. Click Affiliate tab, 2. Click Activate Affiliate. That’s it! You are good to go.

Additionally, providing email services allows you to increase the value of your existing clients. Make the most of what you have.

  1. Affiliate Program
  2. Partner Program
  3. ProShark Reseller Program


Email Marketing is Still the #1 ROI

Email marketing is not a one-size-fits-all solution. While email is easily the most cost effective method for reaching customers and can be highly targeted to serve as a platform to build your consumer pipeline, it has to be done correctly. Most marketers do not have the expertise to manage email effectively which leads to a poor experience and negative image creation for the client.

What does it take to do email marketing the right way? First, we have to understand that there are different methods of email marketing that achieve different goals depending on the current marketing level and objectives of the company. If we were to put email marketing on a sliding scale of -100 to 100, we would see that most email marketers try to hit the middle. Unfortunately, the middle happens to be zero, which is what most people usually get.

Looking at the choices above, there are several types of email service. A top tier ESP (Email Service Provider), ProShark understands that email marketing needs to meet your specific requirements. Whether you are just starting out in email or you know the value of having an expert handle your email marketing, we offer Managed Email Services where we do all (or any portion) of the campaign generation, tracking, emailing, list hygiene and reporting for you.

Full-Service Email Marketing

If you are adept at email marketing, we offer our fully self-served email platform for business and agencies alike. You will get an industrial grade email platform along with high capacity email servers in a dedicated environment. Here there is a choice. For warm lists, we will load you up on our warm list servers at CampaignShark where you can mail and expect high deliverability rates.

A Cold List is a list that has not been used in a long time or is purchased. We recommend strongly against using this type of list as they are typically riddled with spam traps, invalid emails and known complainers. We do not tolerate spam so any purchased list or cold list uploaded to our warm list servers will result in an immediate ban with no refund for services. If you have a question about this, please ask us.

I don’t have any emails, but I want to start marketing. Not a problem. We’ve got you covered. There are two ways to do this. First, we work with our Cold List partner who specializes in Cold List email marketing. They can help you with list cleaning, email server setup and creating a bulk friendly email environment. Second, we offer list “purchasing” through CampaignShark. Here you will rent lists for people who have opted in to receive messages from our platform participants. They want to hear your message and have chosen to do so.