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Email Plan Pricing – Unmanaged (DIY – Do It Yourself)

Unmanaged simply means that you do all of your emailing yourself just like any other platform. Here is where we are not like any other platform. With email plans starting at $9.50 per month, we are extremely competitively priced and we deliver. ProShark US based email servers are constantly monitored and maintained for maximum deliverability.

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1. Signup - Select how many emails per month and how many contacts you will upload

2. Setup - You will receive a welcome email and an email requesting setup information.

3. Start - Setup complete and ready to mail in 24-48 business hours


Email Plan Pricing – Managed (DFY – Done For You)

We take email marketing seriously. Most individuals and businesses know they need to market via email, but they either do not have the knowledge or the resources to know how to email correctly. That means most will try and most will fail. That is where ProShark steps in. We offer a service that will do all of the emailing for you including set up campaigns and monitor them for delivery, open and click-through. For a small fee (see the bottom of the page), we can even create campaigns for you. This means that, for a very reasonable price, you can offer email to your clients or you can set up your own email marketing program. No emails? No problem. See the bottom of the page for more services.

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Email Services

Emailing is more than just uploading a list and sending the mail. You have to have campaigns and create strategies for getting your email recipient to convert from recipient to prospect and then from prospect to client. Even though it may seem daunting, ProShark is here to take the pain out of emailing. Here are some of the services we offer.

List Cleaning & List Hygiene: Our USA based email list cleaning will keep you off blacklists and make sure you are emailing to valid recipients. See the steps we go through…GET A PRICE

Single Campaign Creation: A good campaign will cause a prospect to take action. We will discuss what action you want the client to take and then we will decide the best type of email campaign to create. A standard email campaign includes keyword management, compelling text and a call to action. It will cost you $99.GET A PRICE

Drip Campaign Creation: Most people think that you email one time and get a ton of responses. In reality, it takes about 7 times before someone will decide what action to take if any. Drip campaigns keep you in front of a prospect until they decide to take action. Drip campaigns cost $250 for a 7 message campaign.GET A PRICE