Email Marketing

Email marketing is still the #1 most cost-effective means of reaching consumers period. The challenge? To make sure you stay within the regulatory boundaries and get to the recipients inbox. We can help.

Proshark Email Marketing

No matter how you slice it and dice it, email marketing is here to stay, but you have to do it right. Email is still, and will most likely always be, the lowest cost, highest reach method of advertising there is and if you are not working on an email strategy then you will always be scratching for that precious web based revenue.

There are many really good marketers out there and all of them will have an opinion on email marketing. Those who don’t know much about the subject will lump email marketing all into one category and let you know that email marketing is not a good route to take. Note here that an outstanding marketer will use multiple channels and become an expert in each one of them. Don’t walk, run!

The next class of marketer will break email marketing into two categories – The List and the Campaign. As a rule, this is a fair categorization of email marketing with one missing, major component – measurement. We are not trying to make this a trick question to ask marketers, but if they support and promote a particular digital marketing channel with out performance measurement then you just need to be aware that there is a red flag. No matter what channel you use, you have to measure how effective it is. Otherwise, you are just throwing money into a marketing pit. 

 For our purposes, email marketing has three components – The List, the Campaign and Measurement. For simplicity, we will add measurement in with the Campaign. 

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