Email Marketing Campaigns

If your list is the single most important marketing tool you have, then the campaign is the toolbox. You can email everyone in your warm list, but if they do not respond to the message, then you are throwing money down the drain. Proshark can help.

Proshark Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Campaigns

Now that the list is out of the way, we have to focus on the email campaign. There are several points we need to cover regarding emails before diving into creating our first email campaign.

One-time emails

Just so you know up front, email response rates are not high in comparison to other forms of advertising. Sending one email is not going to get the user to take action. The goal is 1% to 2% at any step of the process. In other words, if we send an email to 100,000 recipients then we expect to get between 1% – 2% who open the email (1,000 to 2,000 people) and 1% – 2% of those who take the desired action (10 to 20 people). This is based on a single email. While the response rates are low, the cost to reach those 100,000 people justifies the expense if 10 people purchase the product.

In this scenario, the cost makes even more sense if we can improve the response rate. This is where drip campaigns come in. The more times you touch a prospect, the more likely that prospect is to take action. 7 times is the published number where a prospect begins to trust the sender enough to take action. Based on our research, that number is now closer to 9 times due to the sheer volume of contacts the prospect is receiving from advertisers today.

Campaign effectiveness is the next key to unlocking action on the recipient side. If we know it will take between 7 to 9 interactions on average, then our goal needs to be finding ways to decrease this number. How? Campaign effectiveness. The email campaign has to be compelling and drive the reader to take action sooner. There are several methods of doing this and the sales funnel is what we use to compel action sooner.

Email Marketing is a process

Most business owners or people working to market via email don’t completely understand the email process so we thought we would take a moment to go through the steps involved. Lack of process clarity is the primary reason why most people fail in email marketing.

First, is to identify the source of emails including existing clients, prospects and leads and to classify each segment in the appropriate category. You wouldn’t want to send a “Thanks for your business” email to a prospect who has not purchased yet. You also don’t really don’t want to send a “Here’s a 20% discount as a new customer” email to an established client who just paid full price for a product or service.

Second, once the target segments have been identified, campaigns need to be developed for each. For each segment, several campaign variants are typically created for A/B testing to measure response effectiveness. These campaigns will include different email messages and, in most cases, different landing page and funnel processes to determine which produce the most results for any campaign.

Third, the email platform must be setup properly to provide the best email delivery possible. This is why most email service providers are so expensive. They have spent a fortune in becoming email compliant and getting whitelisted with all the major email services. Your message isn’t any good if it doesn’t get to the recipient.

The other component to the email platform is that you can’t just “blast” out your campaign. A new email platform has to be “warmed-up” with a domain prior to sending a ton of emails. Anyone who tells you they can mail out 10 million emails in the first month without negative impact to the server, domain and reputation simply does not know what they are doing.

Email is designed to be a long-term tool. Let us know what you are trying to achieve and we will help you get there.

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