Landing Pages & Sales Funnel Marketing

Sales is a journey. When you hop in the car to take a trip and don’t plan how to get there, what are the odds you will get to your destination? Slim. A landing page, especially when combined with the sales funnel, is a navigation system for your customer – it gets them there faster.

Proshark Sales Funnel Marketing

As Digital Marketers, we provide you solutions to get more clients. Whether you use organic search, social media campaigns, email campaigns or buy leads, you have to send your customers somewhere and if isn’t to a directed, clear-cut path to purchase such as a landing page or a sales funnel, then you are just giving money away. Contact us to learn more.

The Landing Page

Let’s look at two scenarios. For both, you simply wanted to get out of town for the weekend so a friend recommended (your paid ad) that you take a train. Great idea, right?

Imagine you are walking into the train station. You enter a building where you can choose to go multiple places (your website) and where you can do multiple things. The problem is that this is the first time you have been to this train station so you are not sure where everything is. It is confusing and all you want to do is buy a ticket, but you cannot find the ticket counter. We are reaching a little with this scenario, but it paints a good mental picture. If you cannot easily find what you are looking for, you will get frustrated and leave. The same is true of any website, but it is a hundred times worse because people have zero patience when browsing. 

In the second scenario, we have a landing page. Let’s call this a secret map where its only function is to direct you clearly and immediately to the ticket counter where your ticket is already waiting for you. Once you purchase the ticket, you are taken directly to your train. We don’t tell you that there are 10 different secret maps for different trains. All you know is that your secret map took you where you wanted to go in the easiest manner possible so you are happy. By the way, you went on the weekend trip and had a great time!

This is the power of a landing page and we can help you build one or one-hundred to expedite the purchase process and improve conversion rates, especially when you are paying good money for advertising. 

The Sales Funnel

Just like the name implies, a sales funnel is a process where you lead a visitor down the road from prospect to buyer. There is a very clear and concise path that someone who visits your site or your landing page needs to follow to increase their chance to convert from a lead or a prospect into a paying client. At least, there should be, but most people miss this critical part of the sales process.

It is understandable though, because as a business owner, doctor, lawyer or other busy professional, you are wrapped up in your daily activities and often don’t pay attention to the money you are losing by not optimizing your website and how users flow through that website. This is where a sales funnel comes in and Proshark can create everything from a very basic funnel to a highly complex, logic driven funnel. We build them all shapes and sizes based on your needs.

When you look at your site, there are two basic metrics you should be evaluating on a regular basis. The first is the number of visitors. If you don’t have any traffic then it follows that you will not have any sales. Traffic is a different function and you can visit our SEO Page for more information on generating targeted Pay Per Click traffic or massive amounts of organic traffic to your site. That is the first metric.

The second metric is infinitely more important. We can always get you traffic to your site, but what happens when they get there? Most website owners don’t even know what happens to their visitors once they hit the home page. If that is you don’t worry, you are not alone. What should be happening is that your users are taken through a clearly defined process that leads them from introduction to your service or product to the point where they buy.

The goal of this game is conversion rate. Per every 100 users who enter your site (depending on your product or service), a good average is 10% to 20% become prospects and 10% to 20% of prospects become closed sales. This is just a rule of thumb. Now imagine where your prospects (the people interested in your product or service), multiply because the message is more targeted and the response rate greater. Now you have 30% or 40% interested. Then you close 30% to 40% because you lead them from start to finish.  

The Sales Funnel and Conversion

What is the definition of a conversion? That depends entirely on what your objective is with a client. Do you want them to just sign-up, buy something or call you? What you want them to do is how you define a conversion and that can be unique for everybody. Maybe you want them to execute from a list of options (logic based conversion).

The end result is that the prospect takes the action you want and this is the entire purpose of a sales funnel. It is what we will help you design and build. In fact, we can take care of all your website marketing needs so you can focus on what you do best and let us start converting for you. Doing the math in the scenario above, out of 100 people visiting your site, you have 1 to 4 closed sales. In the second scenario, you have 9 to 16 closed sales.

That is a significant change in conversion rate where our conversion goal is closed sales. The conversion rate went from 4% to 16%. Most importantly, because you are now using a landing page and sales funnel, you have positively impacted your bottom line.

The Sales Funnel and Upsells

Want some more good news? The sales funnel not only impacts your conversion rate, it also significantly improves your per capita spend by each consumer through upselling or add-on sales. Think about it, you have a captive audience who has spent money on a product or service inside your sales funnel. What better time to approach them than when they have expressed interest and have their wallet open? 

There is no question that the sales funnel produces higher sales and add-on sales numbers from your customer base, but what about customer satisfaction and retention? Studies show that, as long as you do not abuse the process or mislead the consumer in any way, they are happiest with your product or service when the sales process is streamlined and targeted. That is the point of a sales funnel, but it has to be done the right way. 

When you work with Proshark, you get things done the right way.

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