Proshark Predictive Dialer

In the world of call centers, the choices are pretty slim. Old antiquated software that bogs down after a few calls or super expensive and difficult to use software designed by engineers for engineers. We offer an easy to use, full-featured platform that will have you up and calling in minutes, not days or weeks.

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The Predictive Dialer / Voice Broadcaster

Predictive Dialer

Ready to increase your call productivity by up to 400%?  With features like answering machine detection, cell phone block, paired location caller id and area code scrub, our platform is fast and simple to use. In fact, we can usually have you up and running same day.

Voice Broadcast

It really is a simple way to reach out to people through a pre-recorded message. Constituents, Clients, Patients and more…it’s that easy. Verify Caller ID, Build a Campaign, Upload your Phone List, Record a Message, Press Play. That’s it!

Need Agents to Go With Your Dialer?

We can help you with that. Proshark sources call center agents primarily from both the United States and the Philippines and we will assist you in determining which fits your needs best. Both of these countries are call center meccas due to language and technology stability, an important factor when selecting call center locations. An important note, due to the remote capability of our dialer, you can have agents in multiple countries to support multi-lingual dialing.  

Agent + Dialer + Text

Our Manned Call Center plans include an agent or multiple agents, unlimited minutes calling to the US, Canada and other locations as well as a license to use the dialer.

Custom Solutions

Need a custom solution to go with your plan? Need us to design and build your call center? No matter how small or how large, we can help. Talk to an expert.

Predictive Dialer Features & Pricing

With plans that range from 1 or 2 agents up to full-service dedicated server call center with blended inbound and outbound calling, we are here to help. Customizable features include Caller ID, Agent Scripts, Dispositions, Data Fields, Call Recording, Agent Monitoring, full reporting, Inbound / Outbound blend and more. See screenshots of our dialer in action.

Voice Broadcast Features & Pricing

Get ready to answer your ringing phone from all the callbacks. Schedule your Campaign to run at a certain time or run it manually. Not in the office, no problem. You can pull the dialer up on your phone or tablet and manage it on the go with any stable connection.

On the Inside

Join us on the inside to keep up to date with the latest trends, tips and news from the digital marketing world. Everything you need to stay on top of your game. Great for our A2B (Agency to Business) clients as well as our A2A (Agency to Agency) clients.