Social Media Management & Reputation Management

Now more than ever, people are looking to social media accounts and your online reputation. The better your reputation and social media following, the better you will perform. Let us help you.

Social Media Management

Reputation Management

These are two often overlooked or neglected areas of digital marketing, but that won’t be for much longer. Social media management (also known as SMM) is quickly becoming a mainstream requirement for most companies as younger generation participation in the market becomes more and more prevalent. Reputation management is a must have for anyone who is selling online.

Social Media Management

If you operate in the marketplace, then chances are really good you set up at least one social media profile and you may even post to it on a semi-regular basis. Some have even gotten pretty good at driving traffic from the social media profile to their site, but social media has become so much more. 

Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or any one of the other myriad of popular platforms, social media has become a complex machine. It is a complex machine you are going to need more and more as next generations participate and as their footprint expands in the market. 

Let’s look at some statistics. According to Fast Company, as of 2020 Gen Z makes up 40% of the consumer base and their purchasing power will only grow since the first round is entering the workforce. Another fact. Gen Z spends an average of nearly 3 hours on social media every single day (World Economic Forum) while millennials spend only an hour less. Before we leave the world of statistics, let’s look at one final piece of data. Morning Consult shows us that the number of Gen Z individuals who follow one or more influencers on social media is greater than 76%.

We think the impact of social media, while significant, has only just begun. If you are not riding the wave then it may just crush you. That means so much more than just posting on a social media app now and then. It means fighting to gain the most following that you can and becoming the influencer that drives the market. The shift to social media as a sales platform has begun and it needs to be an important component of your business model. 

Reputation Management

While social media is important, what is the underlying foundation of how well a person or company will do selling online? More and more people are transacting online and there is one thing alone that drives a purchase decision. Do you know what that is? Most people opt for the easy answer of online reputation and reviews, but it is a little bit deeper than that. 

As a society, we integrate with people around us and we query what they think about this or that. This helps us assimilate a set of data in our heads that, in turn, helps us make decisions. Online buying is no different. The only difference is that we rely on people outside of our circle to help us make decisions. The value of a review, as well as the overall reputation of a product, service, individual or company is a critical component of success or failure. 

What is worse is that we assign value based on the perceived value based on the input of people who may or may not have actually used what you are thinking about buying. From a power perspective, some people feel the need to influence or hold sway, even if they have never purchased or used the product or service. This is becoming more prevalent as we see “Verified Buyer” and other methods of proof that a review is valid. 

This is only one example of how crucial it is for you to manage your reputation before something happens. Once you have a negative wave wash over you, it can take years to recover and sometimes is not recoverable at all. If you have had this happen or feel it is in process, contact us immediately and we will jump in to help. If it hasn’t happened, don’t wait until it does. It is far less expensive to put a reputation management piece in place than it is to recover from the force of a negative social media onslaught. 

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