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While it is true that VSEO (Video Search Engine Optimization) is simply SEO for videos rather than websites, they are not the same. The term SEO is synonymous with getting listed first to increase exposure, but the name is pretty much where the comparison ends.

Let’s step backwards a bit. SEO is still a valid method for website ranking and it has become extremely specialized and targeted to the point where it takes an expert to get real rankings. Some agencies and individuals promise first page based on some obscure search term, but we are talking about real results. They take time and effort.

That said, SEO is working to get a website to the front page by managing multiple aspects of the site to improve position. Video introduces an entirely new dynamic into the mix. Video came out and was supposed to be the game changer for one particular search engine, but it had some false starts and has taken some time to generate traction. Since then, Google purchased YouTube and there is no looking back. Video is quickly becoming a dominating force in traffic generation and purchasing decisions.

Looking at the integration of video into search results, many view video as the new frontier for exposure to their products and services. While SEO is highly competitive, VSEO still has room and is a far easier platform for generating meaningful results.

Question: So then why isn’t everyone flocking to VSEO?
Answer: They are moving quickly to VSEO with some big players leading the charge, but there is a perceived barrier to entry for commercial applications. We fix that. See below for an amazing offer!

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The Video

There are two primary reasons why more people are not invested in the video market. First, they do not have an idea of how to create an effective commercial video. Most people assume that they have to drop $30,000 to $50,000 or more to produce and air a video ad that will drive traffic since most people are used to the traditional model of creating a commercial. 

Second, many think the results from video are spotty and not reliable. Marketers perceive that they will spend a lot of money for very little return on investment. This used to be the case, but not anymore. 

Think about it, there is a reason that Google purchased YouTube. It isn’t because they just “wanted” a video platform. Google knew they would monetize videos and that is where we are. 

Find out how you can get a professionally produced video ad that normally costs $1,000 for only $199 for a limited time. These ads are professionally produced, mixed and edited with proven results. 

Can You Rank Video

Short answer, “ABSOLUTELY!”

VSEO is the process of ranking a video high in the search engines so it shows and produces traffic. We are really good at getting videos (commercials) ranked and seen by audiences and we are very affordable for the amount of traffic we generate. We will create your video, syndicate it and then get it ranked in dominating spots that will generate traffic and leads that are already familiar with your company and who are interested in purchasing. 

We are helping you take advantage of the model that Google built to monetize video. This, in turn, will help you generate more business and will help you create targeted leads who are ready to purchase your product or service. Click the button below to learn more.

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