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ProShark Video and Media Services

Think media services and video are not powerful? How about the fact that YouTube is the number 2 search engine in the world. That means Google then YouTube. This is a scary fact if you are not in the video space because this is a specific example of how powerful video is in the media services industry.

Want some more motivation? Most companies, organizations and advertisers are not in the video space either professionally or personally which means that there is less competition and more opportunity for maximum capitalization on advertising dollars spent. We are experts in the field of video & media services which include video and VSEO (Video Search Engine Optimization). What this means is that, once we produce your video or video series, we get them found. Imagine if you were at the top of your category for searches on the #2 search engine in the world. Also imagine that being there put you on the front page of the #1 search engine in the world.

Still not convinced that video is a powerful medium where you absolutely need to place ad dollars? Here are some surprising facts.

Did You Know?

  • One minute of video equals 1.8 million words
  • More than 100 million Internet users watch video each and every day
  • The average user watches 16 minutes and 49 seconds of video ads every month
  • Users who view videos stay on your site an average of 2 minutes longer

More Video Stats

There is often a great deal of skepticism when we try to discuss the importance of video in today's marketing world. We get that video as a media service has always been an integral part of marketing, but video pervasiveness and effectiveness has increased exponentially. Our world has become much more visual to the extent that 1 minute of video equals 1.8 million words. How can that be possible? Because we process visually and convert those pictures into words, we can process much more information visually than orally.

The other stats are really interesting so if you have a moment, take a quick look. You will be surprised. When you are ready to discuss how video can help you and your business, drop us a line and we can provide you with insight into media services.