Event Capture

Got an event coming up? Large event? Small event? Doesn’t matter what size, corporate and promotional event capture provides some of the best marketing footage there is when you are looking to create advertising and promotional video. Other people being involved lends credibility to any product or service in the marketplace.

What does that mean? It means that whoever does your event capture for you better know what they are doing. We have the best in the business. Not only is it important that they capture the event and keep the footage safe through redundant storage, there are other factors that have to be taken into consideration when capturing your event. Remember, you only get one shot at each event and we know they are not cheap to put on, so it has to count in one take.

Quality is the biggest failure point of the majority of event capture specialists. Either the sound is a bit off or the video quality including lighting and video noise is just not the best. At ProShark, we make sure the sound, lighting and video quality are the best. Video and sound is how the world will see you and they need to see you to buy.

We understand that you need other footage from your event as well so we don’t stop with event capture. Depending on what you are trying to do, we offer additional crew to capture interviews, testimonials and other live event capture that otherwise would be left in the memory banks of people who attended the event. What better way to sell a product or a service than by having video testimonials from people when they are fired up? In fact, many of our promoters even sell the event capture video as an electronic product at a price point that is less than attending, but more than enough to cover costs of the entire event and put additional profit in your pocket.

Maybe you have a product or a service that you want to sell, but don’t know how to put on a live event. Remember, live events are not for everyone or every product. Often they need to be repeated to begin building a base for attendance which is typically the biggest challenge. The good news? If you do it right and build them up, they are like having your own personal gold mine. Learn more about putting on live events.

As for event capture, simply drop us a line with a little information about your event and we will have a planner contact you with a quote. Some of the things we will need to know are how many days, how many camera angles, do you need additional crews for interviews or testimonials, how many different speaking rooms and any other pertinent information.