Motion Graphics

Animated film, also known as a Motion Graphics, is a video used for promotion of a product or service by combining text, graphics, movement and sound to create a high-impact video for viewing by target audiences for the purpose of causing action. The action can be to send someone to a website or to purchase a product or a service.

When used solely for the sale of a product or service, motion graphics videos work best when combined with Sales Funnel Marketing to lead a prospect down the path of purchasing a product or a service. These funnels can be as simplistic or elaborate as you wish, but they are highly effective because they only have one goal – convert a prospect into an action, whether it is buying, clicking, subscribing or any other action.

Motion graphics animated shorts can range anywhere from 30 seconds up to a full-length feature. There are really two different types of motion graphic video. The first is motion graphics combined with live shots. A good example of this might be the information you see at the bottom of the screen when you watch a newscast or other shot where animation is added to the shot.

One point of distinction here and it is a little confusing, don’t mistake animated videos for motion graphics. Motion graphics is animated because it is not moving video of live action or people, it is created. Here is the confusing part. Motion graphics are not the same as animated videos however, because animated videos are hand drawn (sometimes software generated) images of live events. Just think of animated videos as cartoons. That is the simplest way to keep the two separated.

Just to make it more difficult, any of the three – live shots, animated video and motion graphics can be combined into a video sequence, but only one can be created at a time. That means that combining any two of these different types increases labor and cost associated with the video.

For our purposes, motion graphics is standalone where the entire video is animated. These types of videos are great because they are low-cost and don’t involve the expense or effort required to take and edit live personalities. Starting at $500 per finished minute, these videos can get across your marketing message and, because of the low cost, you can produce multiple graphics for different uses.

Here is an example of Motion Graphics

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