Reels are introductory videos. Different from biographical videos, reels are designed to introduce your talents to your targeted audience. The most common uses of reels are for public speaking, acting and professional use and they can be broken down into 3 basic categories.

DIY Reels

DIY Reels are those that you do at home. Often aspiring actors and those starting out in the public speaking arena find it difficult to create a professionally done introductory video due to the cost and effort involved with setting up a crew and editing a full reel. For this reason they will do it themselves and the result is usually less than spectacular.

Starter Reels

Understanding the need for a lower cost promotional video for those just starting out, we created the Starter Reel. This is a 30-second video that starts around $1,500 and is a bare bones, but professionally done video complete with video and sound editing. It is designed for those just starting out who have some to very little footage we can use to fill a 30-second spot. You do have to have some footage available for us to incorporate. Also, we can add Motion Graphics but that also adds to the cost of the Starter Reel.

If you do not have any footage, we can shoot at our studios in Southern California or even come to capture you live, but there are obviously fees associated with this and usually, if we come to shoot you then you won’t be in the Starter Reel category. If you do have some footage though, then this is the best place to start. We can provide sound quality and do a pretty good job with your video so contact us to learn more.

Full Reels

Our most popular reel, the Full Reel is around 2 to 3 minutes starting at $5,000. Sometimes these go longer but the audience is usually lost at around 4 minutes for Reels and there is additional cost involved so we recommend staying in the 2 to 3 minute space. Again, these are professionally done complete with sound and video editing to produce a superior quality, high-impact video that will get you noticed.

The Full Reel is typically for those who already have raw footage that needs to be edited and compacted into a reel format. If you need additional footage or require additional motion graphics, please let us know what you are looking for and we will gladly help you determine the best format for your needs.

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