Video Production

What is Video Production?

In its very simplest form, the process of shooting raw footage, editing that footage together, managing consistency across the edits including sound and lighting and finally, creating the finished product – that is video production. The last piece is getting it out to the public. This is where video production hands off your project to video distribution. It is an art and a business. In fact, it is a very big business.

Most people think of Hollywood when they think of video production, but there is a vast world out there beyond the big screen that includes vast seas of population and oceans of unexplored markets where little competition exists and unanswered demand lives. We are ProShark and we are bringing that demand to you and your business.

Video is the new marketing and will be for the foreseeable future. In case you missed it, YouTube is now the #2 search engine in the world which means that video is playing a major role in creating marketing demand. We work in a coordinated fashion to get you noticed. First, you have to create video and it has to be compelling, otherwise people will just move to the next one. Second, it has to be clear and concise in the message. Is it an advertisement? Is it a creative piece? We work hand in hand with you to identify the type of promotional video or documentary you are looking for and then create a video production that produces results. Finally, it has to contain all the components that will allow it to go viral. This is not to say that it will go viral, but odds are 100% that it will not go viral if it does not contain certain elements.

Our teams, including SEO, Web Development, Digital Marketing and Video Production work closely with each other to provide you with the marketing tools you need to meet today’s marketplace demands in order to succeed. Our production team will work with you hand in hand to determine your exact requirements and identify your goals with the video we are producing. Then we will measurably track video effectiveness so you have a clear understanding of how well your video is achieving your goals.

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