Messaging Policy

Here is our messaging policy and how we manage our communication with you.

Messaging Policy

By registering or entering your email address & phone number into any form on Proshark, you agree to be contacted both by email, SMS & phone. Note that messaging and  data rates may apply when you are contacting Proshark and when Proshark is contacting you. You consent to our communicating with you electronically when you provide us with your contact information and you are giving us and our partners express permission to contact you, even if you are listed in a do not contact registry. You may opt out of these communications at any time by following the instructions below.

At Proshark, we take your privacy seriously and, regardless of the type of communication you engage in with us, we protect your rights as a consumer. This Messaging Policy covers all messages generated by this site, each account holder or relevant subdomain of this site. Account holders warrant that they have express permission to communicate with you and are contained within their own account / subaccount and are liable for any abuse of this policy. Please notify us right away with any privacy concerns or if you feel you were communicated with inappropriately or without permission from this or any Proshark Platform.

This Messaging Policy applies to all customers, message senders and message recipients utilizing Proshark messaging, instant messaging or SMS channels. If you use our messaging channels or provide your end users or clients with the ability to send messages through Proshark, you are responsible for the communication activity of these users. ALL MESSAGING ACTIVITY BY YOU OR YOUR USERS MUST BE IN COMPLIANCE WITH PROSHARK COMMUNICATION POLICIES.

Consent / Opt-in

Purchased lists DO NOT meet the minimum opt-in standard and may NOT be used for messaging on the Proshark platform. Additionally, all users and sub-users must demonstrate direct opt-in permission from each recipient in order to communicate via the Proshark platform. This may include direct opt-in permission, double opt-in or other method of demonstrating direct and verifiable evidence of the recipient’s willingness to receive electronic communications. 

You must also clearly communicate the type of messaging to be received, must be time-stamped, is only valid by each campaign, original consent holder and must be retained per the applicable legal guidelines. Understanding, knowing and following these guidelines is the responsibility of the message sender. 

These limitations do not include communications between two individuals or communications based on the history of a past relationship.


You may opt-out at any time by replying to any message with “STOP” to unsubscribe. Message senders likewise must allow recipients to opt-out in the original and subsequent messages with standard opt-out language. All recipients must be provided a means to opt-out whenever they desire to do so.

Prohibited Content 

To protect the users and the platform, certain content is not allowed as part of the messaging platform. Certain content that is deemed illegal in the jurisdiction where it is presented is not allowed on the messaging platform. Additionally, content deemed as hate speech, fraudulent, malicious (malware, phishing, viruses), or any content designed to circumvent lawful and legal filtering is not allowed and will result in the permanent banning of a user. 

Further, all messages must comply with applicable rules in every country where the messaging is shown or displayed. It is your responsibility to ensure you know and follow the rules of each country prior to sending your message.  

Adult content is not allowed.


If you feel that any of these policies have been violated, please reach out to us at [email protected] and we will investigate right away. If we find that a user has violated a policy, we will correct the issue and will work with the user to prevent further occurrences. Continued abuse will result in account cancellation and a ban on opening future accounts.