It seems as though this article is stating the obvious, but we come across it time and again where websites are not mobile ready nor are they tuned to display on any portable device.

Your website needs to be a mobile ready website if you want to rank anywhere on Google and there are two things that are absolutely true in successful marketing today. First, you definitely want to rank on Google and second, you definitely want your website to be a mobile ready website.

Mobile search access continues to grow exponentially and is up 400% year over year according to Google. Old news is that over 40% of the search population starts their search on a mobile device. It is a lot more than that which is why Google now ranks sites based on mobile friendliness. If your site is not mobile ready you are missing out on a ton of business and we know first hand that most sites are not mobile ready so you are not alone.

We can make your site mobile friendly and expose you to massive increases in your business. Mobile devices are not going away and are actually projected to take over the majority share of search and browsing access within the next 2 years. Are you ready? If not, we can help.

We can build your site from the ground up, retool the site you currently have and we can make you mobile ready to the latest technology. From responsive to data to the latest designs, we turn your site into more business. Contact us to find out more or get a quote.

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