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More than just Digital Marketing, Campaign, Leads, Development & SEO. Proshark is a relationship agency.

Proshark Partner Program

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If you have a business with a strong following, you don’t want to dilute your products or services, but you would like a way to expand your revenue. The Proshark Partner Program is perfect for you. This is not an affiliate program and does require approval and setup before we can get you into the program.

We setup your account and track everyone you send to us. From the point of where you hand them off, you will get reports on any purchases that client makes. This way, you are free to go about doing your own business while you are generating additional revenue for yourself or for your company. In the meantime, you have the confidence of knowing exactly what revenue is being generated on your behalf through our automated reporting system.

The Proshark Partner Program is designed for one of three types of individuals, agencies or organizations. Here’s how it works.

First, you have a successful business not in the digital marketing arena, or perhaps in a very specific digital marketing service. You are happy with your business model and don’t want to change it or dilute the services you offer. You are not in direct competition with what we offer and may even be complimentary. This type of client has no issue with sending their customer our way where we treat them with our standard of excellent service. If they make a purchase, then the client gets paid. 

The second type of client in the Proshark Partner Program is an agency who wants to provide specific digital marketing offerings, but is not quite ready for the white label Proshark Reseller Program. This individual or agency will often manage the client directly while ordering services through the partner platform. This takes a bit of extra work, but is worth it when you have the end user dialed in and on autopilot. You can even rebrand the reports we send to you.

The third type of client utilizing the Proshark Partner Program is the affiliate marketer who is looking to generate significant residual revenue from ongoing services. Additionally, they tend to take advantage of our generous downline payment option that allows them to create partners below them in order to receive an override from any business generated by their referrals. 

In the interest of complete transparency, this is not an affiliate program. You must meet certain standards prior to being approved for this program. If you would like to take the next step, please fill out the short application form and, if you qualify, you will be able to speak with an onboarding specialist who can answer any additional questions. 

Thank you for your interest.

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