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Email Pro is designed to send between 1 million to 1.75 million emails per month

That is a lot of emails, but if you need to send more, take a look at our Enterprise Email Service. The Email Pro program is geared toward the email marketing expert, but we made sure to leave enough flexibility so that we can step in as your email marketers. We are not trying to replace your marketing team (unless you want us to). We are trying to supplement by offering channel expertise in email marketing.

We are different from any other ESP (Email Service Provider). For us, it isn’t about giving you a platform and abandoning you. Your success is our success so we will work with you at any level. Our mantra is “Extreme Customer Service”.

Our added services include leads and lists to supplement or replace your current lists. We offer premium campaign and content creation for content you can reuse over and over. Our email consulting experts can help you develop and define your email program including segmentation, testing and even focus group assessment. If you have questions, be sure to speak with a representative.

Select the number of emails you would like to send every month. You can find more information in the description below.



Email Marketing Pro Platform

This is our Pro tier email marketing platform. When you want to send between 1 million emails to 1.75 million emails each month, this is the starting point.

Our Pro level service, while designed to support the expert email marketer, still has the capacity and flexibility to allow us to provide you with the exact level of service you want. Our goal is your success. At this level, email marketing becomes more challenging and many marketers need assistance with Best Practices. We are your email experts so lean on us. Ask us questions and we will do our best to respond with the information you need.

Additional options such as Mail For You and Premium Content Creation are still available once you have selected the mailing tier. Combine this program with one of our funnel packages or many other services and supercharge your marketing.

Additional information

Number of emails

1,250,000, 1,500,000, 1,750,000


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