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Marketing is no longer just about doing one single thing to attract consumers to purchase your product or service. Today’s marketing has to be relationship oriented across multiple demographics. While Boomers respond to one form of advertising and Gen X are subtly different, Gen Y and Millennials respond completely differently.

Let’s not forget the fact that Gen Z is starting to command a sizeable piece of the revenue pie. So how do you target all of these consumers when they respond differently? The answer is to focus on building relationships. That is what each demo responds to regardless of what age bucket they belong to. The smart marketers have figured this out so they use a blended method of reaching their consumers across multiple touchpoints.

Can you say IoT? That is where much of the translation gets lost. While other agencies are out there scrambling to prove their worth across one channel, we are out there building relationships across multiple channels on every single device we can reach. If you put your ear to the ground, you will hear that sales cycles are often longer, sales to prospect ratios are going south and cost per sale or acquisition is climbing. Sound familiar? Let’s get it fixed.

Proshark Pro helps you build relationships with your clients. Select the plan below that is right for you.



Proshark Pro Marketing Membership Program

Imagine you have all of the tools at your disposal along with an army of marketing experts in your corner. Could you make a difference to your bottom line if you had these? That is what we offer at Proshark.

We are a technology company, but not just a technology company. We are a marketing company, but not just a marketing company. Our mission is to bring the two together to offer Intelligent Digital Solutions. We are all about building relationships through technology and marketing to impact the bottom line.

Whatever level you are currently at, we will work with you and strive to get you to the next level. We will do this through technology, marketing, business coaching, strategic planning and by offering you a set of tools that suit your needs, not ours.

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