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Compare our plans against those of our competitors and you will see how competitive we are. Where else can you get Basic SEO service with the features we offer for $30 per month. Short answer is that you can’t. Our staff experts combined with expert partners make us one of the strongest SEO organizations and we can help you generate more traffic.

Our Basic SEO is full-service and you can either make adjustments on your site or we can do it for you. Simply select a package and we will help you take it from there. Remember that SEO is not an overnight fix. It will take time, but you will see your rank and traffic improve on a consistent basis. Our Business, Pro and Enterprise packages ramp up the exposure with bolt-on services added to the Basic Plan. We will tune your site contents and do the work necessary to improve your rank and save you a lot of money while we do..

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Proshark SEO Services

We all hear about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but it seems like every expert has a different story as to what will get you “to the top” of Google Search pages. Sure, if you key your site for a long tail search term and someone types in that term, will you go to the top? Of course, but ask yourself how many people will key in that term? You might be surprised (or you might not).

Another recommendation is to generate backlinks and trusted links along with competitive ranking. This is the magic path to the top of Search Page Mountain. Or is it? There are just as many toxic links out there that can do damage to your site reputation. Reputation is another integral component of your ranking.

Finally, there is tuning your site for the keywords you are promoting. If you build in your keywords and tune your site to those keywords, then search engines will pick those up and push you forward. Or will they?

In reality, there is not just one correct answer. It is a culmination of the above and the primary search engines have built very specific algorithms in an attempt to stop the “gaming” of your rise to the first page. The natural question that follows is this. “What is the right way?”

Now it is taking your time to do it correctly while not breaking the bank. That is what we do. Our Basic SEO is through our expert partner (learn more) and starts at just $30 per month. It focuses on the most important things first. That is where we start and the truth is that you just have to be patient while the process happens.

When you escalate to the next plan, then we do things to accelerate exposure, not the timeline. There just aren’t any real shortcuts anymore. This gets you seen by more people, but the organic process still takes the same amount of time. An example of this is combining certain site keywords with site tuning, backlinks and add-in some paid advertisement. Our results focus on both short-term and long-term increase in exposure, traffic and sales.

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