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A Website by Proshark is Designed to Perform

A website has to do more than just look pretty, it has to attract traffic and create sales. In fact, there is a formula for successful websites. They have to convert leads into prospects and prospects into sales and that is what we focus on, no matter your industry.

It used to be that websites were simply “online business cards” designed to look pretty and provide information to the person browsing. In turn, this would hopefully result in someone sending an email or picking up the phone. More importantly, it would result in getting the individual into your office or showroom to make a purchase.

Today is a different world and if you are not online, you are already losing the battle. Even if your business demands a traditional brick and mortar presence, you have to generate leads online and that is where we come in. We help you pick the right design for your business and get you up and running in as little as a day.

Hosted / Managed vs Unmanaged

Hosted and managed means we take care of putting your site on the web and we make sure it stays up and running. Also, our servers are rock solid and if you need a change to the site, we can easily accomplish that with no additional effort on your part. Unmanaged means that we will deliver the site to you and you will be responsible for hosting and maintenance.

Proshark helps you build relationships. Select the plan below that is right for you.


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Hosted & Managed Websites and Website Development

Our sites are built on WordPress or they are built on Bootstrap. We can use any technology you like, but WordPress hosts over a quarter of all the websites in the world and makes it easy for you to maintain or make changes and edits. If you prefer we make the changes, we can do it on an hourly or monthly maintenance fee basis.

The other framework we like to use is bootstrap. This is a straightforward framework, but it requires more coding than a typical CMS (Content Management System) than WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or any of the many other choices. Bootstrap is faster and more flexible than a CMS simply because it doesn’t have the overhead. No matter which choice you make, we always build for page speed and security, which is why we recommend using one of these two platforms.

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