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IDX (Internet Data Exchange) is how agents are able to provide MLS data to their clients directly. It used to be that homebuyers had to meet the agent at the big fancy real estate broker’s office so they could sit down and look at a book with all of the listings printed and delivered by the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). That is how people used to look for a new home.

Expensive Real Estate offices and ‘big box’ brokers are quickly going the way of the dinosaur as the information age finally catches up with the real estate industry. Now agents are looking for brokers, not with big offices, but with big technology budgets and capabilities. This is the future of real estate and companies like with home offices in Southern California are leading the way.

It is a well known fact that over 95% of the buyers and sellers in the market now start on the Internet so if the Agent and the Broker are not developing a strong presence, they will get left behind. We are working alongside real estate agencies to enable the agent with the tools they need to succeed.

We are offering our IDX services to agents at an exceptional price with a full set of features including mapping, lead capture, school information and our PLUS version includes Lead Generation and Warming.
Agent IDX (Visit the Demo Site) – $39 per month

All of these features included but please contact us with any questions.
We will build your IDX solution and host it for you on our servers
IDX data is updated on a daily basis
Your clients have access to full search capabilities
Clients can save their searches and favorite properties
Full-featured mapping
School and neighborhood information links
Includes calculators and tools
Helpful home buyer tips and resources
Instant agent contact so you get their message right away

Agent IDX PLUS (Visit the Demo Site) – $49 per month

All of the features above PLUS
IDX PLUS: Tracks prospect behavior on the site
IDX PLUS: Communicates with prospects when they take certain actions
IDX PLUS: Time and action based client communications
IDX PLUS: Let’s you know when the system interacts with the client
IDX PLUS: Turns cold leads into hot leads

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