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How Important is Reputation Management?

Have an Online Business? Offline Business? Reputation Management Can Make or Break You.
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Why Is Reputation Management So Important?

Most people will say that price is the primary driver of purchases on the Internet, but they would actually be incorrect. Price is secondary. Trust is primary and trust is the reason that reputation management is so important. When you buy online, why is it that you buy from one vendor and not another? If there is a significant difference between the price of a product or service on one site, you may chance it and hope that you get what you paid for. If the difference is moderate however, you will most likely buy from a known vendor.

As humans, trust is a driving reason for coming back to the same site over and over again, because we know what to expect from our purchase. Now let's look at from a different perspective.

We have all heard about the big retailers who are closing store after store in malls and strip centers across the country. Is it because they are going out of business? Perhaps, but the smart ones are going online. Why? Because it is far cheaper to merchandise and distribute online than it is to pay for a physical location in a shopping mall or retail center where the cost of selling goods is significantly higher than online.

What do these two things tell us? First, that the shopping mall will soon be obsolete and second, that the big retailers are moving their business online. It is easier to compete with them today than it will be in the future. When they are 100% online, they will hold top spots in search engines in addition to having built in name recognition and the trust that comes along with it.

This trend is not just in retail. It is across all services and professions as business continues to migrate online. So what does this mean? It means that you have to create a level of trust the moment someone visits your site. This drives increased capture and conversion and these two metrics are the most important for the foreseeable future. How do you garner instantaneous trust? Short answer - reviews. Look at the numbers above. It is pretty easy to see the importance of reviews.

How Does ProShark Help With Reputation Management?

Our reputation management platform gives you the ability to easily manage your positive and even negative reviews. We give you control over the online conversations and narrative regarding your business. Our straightforward dashboard provides insight into how the public sees your product, service and presence online. Our goal is simple, help you capture more prospects and increase your conversion rate into buyers.

Depending on which study you read, between 90% and 98% of buyers begin shopping their product online and the majority of these buyers use product reviews to make their decision. In fact, the majority of these buyers go directly from the site, product or service review to the purchase. So how important is control over your reputation management? We give you the ability to capture reviews with widgets, select and post reviews to your site and deal with any negative reviews privately. Additionally, we monitor the Internet for any mention, comments or reviews by 3rd parties. ProShark has you covered.

How Much Does Reputation Management Cost?

The ProShark Reputation Management Platform and Dashboard helps you capture and convert more prospects by giving you control over the online narrative for your business. Capture more reviews and comments with our Review Widgets. Monitor and interact with customer comments and 3rd party reviews. Typically we charge $299 for full access to our platform, but for a limited time we are offering full-service access for $199 per month. Please use LAUNCH17 when you checkout to take advantage of the discount.