Network Security

When you think of your network and network security, what comes to mind? You probably have a picture in your head of some nefarious, hoodie-clad person lurking in a dark corner of a remote hookah bar typing frantically away on a beat-up, but extremely powerful laptop. Did we get it right? In reality, while this mental image may have some merit, there is a lot more to the picture. If, as a business owner or even an individual with a home lan, you haven’t taken network security seriously before, you need to now.

Hacking has become big business. In fact, cybersecurity events are slated to cause $6 trillion in damages by the year 2020. That is trillion with a “t” and whenever there is a “t” involved, it translates to hacking as a mainstream business. What is worse? There is no business and no network that is off limits.

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Is My Business Vulnerable

It used to be that mom and pop businesses (VSB’s) or even SMB’s were not worth the time and effort for hackers. That is no longer true. As larger enterprises shore up their security, hackers are targeting small to medium-size businesses for two reasons.

First, the information found at these smaller businesses is more susceptible to exploit. Second, VSB’s and SMB’s are the ticket into the enterprise organization. The majority of enterprise attacks are not from intrusion. They are from exploitation of information obtained at a lower level. Open network equals fair game.

In our world, there is a disconnect between cybersecurity as it currently exists and how it should look. You can read more here, but in a nutshell the approach to cybersecurity has always been from the top down. This does not make much sense given that 97% of the business in this world is performed by VSB’s (80% of the 97%) and SMB’s (20% of the 97%). So a bottom up approach makes more sense.

Network Security

What does all this mean with regard to network security in the VSB and the SMB? It means that ProShark is here to help you make and keep your network safe from harm without charging an arm and a leg to do it. From basic network security review to penetration testing and detailed report, we are here to keep you secure.

Whether you are an enterprise organization looking to shore up your downline or if you are a VSB or SMB working to harden against vulnerabilities, ProShark is here to help. Complete our brief Network Assessment form and we will send you a quote designed specifically for your network and needs. If you prefer, you can speak with a security specialist who will help you determine the correct course of action.

Additionally, take a look at our Website Security section for a more detailed look at vulnerabilities in your online presence. Also, review our VSB, SMB or Enterprise recommendations for cybersecurity information specific to business size.

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