Services & Pricing

Here you will find a list of the services we provide along with a pricing table for each. At the end of the page you will see a bundles and specials link. Make sure to check out the savings.



Proshark Services

Services below are categorized in the same order as the navigation links above. There is a lot of information so we did the best we could to keep it easy to navigate. Be sure to check out the bundles and specials link at the bottom of this page.

Proshark Pro Membership

There just aren’t any other programs out there like the Proshark Pro Membership so naturally those who have difficulty thinking out of the box don’t understand the value of what we are offering. Why? Because it is different.

What value does the membership provide? First, you choose the level of participation. Want to send out a simple campaign to start and create a basic website? Just get the starter package and you are up and running. All done for you so all you have to do is hit “Send” when you are ready to run your campaign every month.

Unless you know what you are doing, we recommend getting started with the entry level package so you can get used to how the platform operates. Then, as you see results and begin to coordinate and measure your results, you can upgrade to different levels as your marketing campaigns grow.

Digital Marketing


Leads are highly customized so there is no set pricing. Please click here to request a quote.

Chatbots & AI

Chatbots and Sales Automation are critical elements for any business today.

Email Marketing

Pricing for email marketing. If you have a special request, please let us know.

Sales Funnels

Converting leads to prospects and prospects to sales is our business. Check our pricing. 

Landing Pages

Landing pages are only good if they work. We build pages that work really well.

SEO Services

How much traffic can you handle? Search Engine Optimization services pricing.

SMM Services

Social Media Marketing is imperative in today’s marketing environment. 

Campaign Development

We plan the most effective campaign blend tailored for you and we execute.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Our pro ad buyers can get you excellent pricing based on the sheer volume we do.

Data Analytics

Failure to measure is like going out to sea without a compass. Which way are you going?

Video / Audio Production

Our video production and sound engineering are dedicated to making magic for you.

DM Bundles

Take a look at our prepackaged digital marketing bundles and save big money.

Development & Hosting

App Development

The app market is still young and there is plenty of room for business apps.

Web Development

Your website is the starting point, your business card and your first impression, so make it good.


Chatbot Development

We can have your bot or automation process up and running quickly.

Website Hosting

Hosting is currently for our web development clients, but we are expanding operations soon.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Blockchain Development

We can help you develop everything you need for your own blockchain and crypto.

Crypto Consulting

Should you be on the chain? Does it make sense? If so, how should you implement?

Blockchain Research

Need to know anything about anyone in the blockchain / crypto space? We can help.


Yes, we coined the term “cryptolytics”. Trends, projections and relevant data for crypto.

On the Inside

Join us on the inside to keep up to date with the latest trends, tips and news from the digital marketing world. Everything you need to stay on top of your game. Great for our A2B (Agency to Business) clients as well as our A2A (Agency to Agency) clients.

Website EvaluationAre you losing potential clients?

We will quickly let you know if and how and how you can improve your website.